/u/Foxmakloud is very positive!

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0.9516 Well as much as I love enjoy seing your ass red, I have also have to say that your thong is very nice : the shape lookd perfect on you and I just love this shade of blue.
0.9505 Love your curves, hope someone had the opportunity to enjoy so good time with you today
0.9172 Impressively sexy, very nice choice of color there instant friend adding, I don't want to miss any future contribution
0.8934 That handwriting is dope, wish I could actually do it like that Ps: intelligence is the new sexy
0.8885 Classy AND sexy, love it.
0.8839 Nibbling until they get very sensitive, so I can fully enjoy the luck of having fun with you
0.8828 Love the black and white style, you look very tame, hope your partner treated you nicely
0.8625 Definitely a place I'd love to visit one day, hardest part will be convincing gf to go there. Oh, and I don't believe you regarding your first statement
0.8625 Although I love to see the result, I imagine the process of tying all those knots would take so much time that both the girl and the helping hand would eventually not be turned on anymore
0.8591 Sweet smile and generous assets.
0.8519 It's nice to see that you enjoy watching yourself in the mirror getting pleasured as much as we do

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6908 That'd be a shame not to fulfil my duty when you're in this state of emergency
-0.6032 This will be tricky given the space, we'll either need to ignore the mess it'll make or be a little creative to avoid that
-0.5848 Such a spankable and fuckable ass!
-0.5423 If I get to grab that ass with that too, we have a deal
-0.5367 I'd probably start with very light bondage, dirty talk and teasing to see how you react.
-0.5321 So maybe a one night stand, but nothing more. Hope you'll find your king; you may select a volunteer on reddit as a last resort.
-0.5106 I can only imagine the back pain you get from them
-0.4939 But if you get destroyed, how will you ever be used again?
-0.4939 Damned germany, I miss you so much
-0.3687 You really can't help it, right?
-0.34 But we both know that looks can be deceiving
-0.2574 I cant really tell since I sadly live on the other side of the planet but the few of them that I have met confirm the idea