/u/Fourthwisemonkey is kind of a dick.

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0.9559 But but the Dear Lord, Amazing Grace gave the villagers a water hand pump finally... What has the govt or VHP given them in 70 years of independance ?
0.8431 Better HDI, more clean, better tourism.
0.8402 True that, you are taking care of your resource, just like a car & its maintenance. No special 'respect' needed as the OPs title implied.
0.8199 Well its the natural order of things & survival of the fittest. As long as they do not die out due to human activity its fine.
0.8176 Yes, Linux is just like a company car/bullock cart, which provides servicing & repairs + driver free for you.
0.7597 If we are the fastest growing economy with so talented people, why are these people so desperate to find opportunities in America ? Reality...is Fastest growing economy, but with Jobless growth.
0.7506 If one is really concerned about animal comforts, set them free.
0.7125 Yes, Hindustan :-P
0.7003 It does not 'have' to work, it can be free & still live wild, like pre domestication
0.6988 And why don't they ban foreign missionaries? And temples like Tirupati have so much money, gold & donations, do they sponsor any village?
0.6814 Don't worry, Make in India, Startup India, IT + IT = IT will save us all.

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-0.9001 All horror stories of LG claiming water damage, no cover etc..In my case , they denied warranty claiming phone was originally from Czech Republic.
-0.8817 FFS, I have to keep trying a new distributions with each behaving differently & having new annoyances. When the OS becomes a barrier for the user to do his real work, then its not any good.
-0.8407 I like to promote Linux too, but also not lose sight of its flaws. Worse drivers, worse games, worse choice of software.
-0.797 Sorry I do not agree with your views. And there is no need to insult me & swear just because I have a different stand.
-0.7964 Height of hypocrisy. Thinks of Animal rights, comforts but still makes the poor cow pull the cart. Its not as if the cows voluntarily pull carts, give milk, its all forced.
-0.7845 I am having a hard time finding the repair status...I will stop now & cry in corner... No more LG or Samsung next time..
-0.765 The concept is also idiotic. Sawdust, oil, thermacol, husk, plastic balls...the water also gets contaminated by this crap.
-0.7579 Namby pamby 'peace loving' pacifists, kept ignoring & forgetting the constant terrorist attacks & Indian soldiers dying. Nobody wants wars for the sake of it.
-0.7469 Exactly same situation as you, but LG UK refused warranty repair, after wasting my time for weeks.
-0.7447 They brought a lot of pain to themselves by their own doings. Other examples are the Little India riots in Singapore & Malaysian Tamils.
-0.7088 No, it does hurt ! Electorally, Economically and maybe physically too.
-0.7072 But the fear of escalation should not prevent us taking proactive steps to defend against further attacks. All for further surgical strikes against *terrorists*.