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0.9337 Delusions of Grandeur. Mainly it's to gain clout in central Asia & become best friends with Iran.
0.91 They improved the sound processor, it was pretty flat before, now pretty sweet. I was blown away with the build quality/finish, didn't expect it at all for the price I paid.
0.8777 I currently use Elephone S7, since 6 months Bought it with very low expectations, but pleasantly surprised by the quite good build quality & performance, for the price.
0.8733 I liked him as education minister, wanted to reduce school holidays & increase hours. Yeah, he back stabbed that buffoon Boris from becoming PM, but it was a great!
0.8591 It was a great achievement, but her skills as a gymnast is pretty average & lacking in other styles/areas, except for her Produnova, which is considered risky but easy to score points.
0.8097 Yes, its not awkward anymore after marriage Its now a competetion, on who can do the loudest and smelliest. And is the sign of complete love for each other.
0.7436 She needs to not rely on the produnova and improve her other vaults, otherwise she will remain in the "almost won" category
0.7351 The MTK 10 core processor is surprisingly good, i can still throw all my Apps at it & performs well.
0.7302 Yes its harder work for all involved but potentially more beneficial on the long run.
0.7184 This is similar to Rahul Gandhi eating in house of dalits, just photo opportunity & cheap propaganda. Giving out freebies & subsidies is not 'work'.
0.6908 Yes, some people will still try their luck. As the saying goes, the only people making big money in a gold rush, are the ones selling the shovels.

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-0.9186 The jail time + consequence for killing a cow is much harsher than killing a human.
-0.9022 - Life term for slaughter - Instant death via lynching, for suspicion of slaughter - For the murderer aka gau rakshaks - Kadi Ninda - Acche Din - Delivered
-0.8689 Obviously fake video. Pakistani's back is broken after surgical strike, all they can do is produce fake videos & Photoshopped proofs Ninda Mama told me.
-0.8442 Sorry to burst your bubble, beef ban & vigilantism also affects the economy. beef ban - leather industry was/is directly affected.
-0.807 The UK has had visits from various dubious dictators, politically incorrect leaders in the past, one more idiot visiting is no sweat.
-0.802 In Maharashtra, when the ban came in, including ban on possession/eating, over a crore of people were indirectly or directly out of work.
-0.743 Probably cos they took up teaching after failing at other things and then take out their frustrations on kids.
-0.6818 Just cos you have not come across them or don't agree, does not mean they don't exist. Your TIL is fail.
-0.6711 It was not good enough and her 2nd vault was poor.
-0.6597 The Devil wears ~~Prada~~ Saffron
-0.6597 Databases & networks mean even bigger/easier targets to hack in a large scale. Problem with technology, is that its going to be hacked, eventually, with enough time & effort.
-0.6536 Which in turn upsets Pakistan & China. But Iran does not really care I think.