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0.8176 Yes & Yes. Things are always improved incrementally.
0.8122 Thanks for the giveaway ! I love your app
0.7351 Super computers are necessary to process the huge amount of Aadhaar info, data mining and surveillance of people.
0.7351 ~~smiling~~ laughing As smiling will be 'muskurakar' And ~~made~~ make
0.7263 Funniest joke since 1 week !
0.7181 I hope you do know that WWE is not real, just pretend stunts for entertainment.
0.6808 Ah yes, thanks.
0.6597 If it's going to be imported, it's like online shopping via pc part picker, assemble at home and hope it boots up
0.6486 True, they were hobbling along, but maybe I hoped too much..
0.6369 Freedom 251 ?
0.6249 VVPAT - yes, More money needs to be spent to make EVMs secure.

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-0.785 Completely dominates this segment now. Crying shame that an IT powerhouse has no such innovations.
-0.7778 Yes it was totally stopped, the stone pelters could not get their cash salary..and starved to death. Until, the foreign hands, started printing the new notes; which btw had no new security features.
-0.7345 What a shitty article & headline ! It has confused malfunction with tampering.
-0.7003 Rumour has it that the illegal notes printed by the terrorists are better quality than RBI notes /s
-0.7003 Also the 'rich' were the Kings & princes and the landowners, the majority of the population was still piss poor.
-0.6908 Wtf happened here, they were coasting along around 215/7 with enough balls to spare, when I stopped following.
-0.6249 When the gear down warning light was in front of them & engine struggling to reach full altitude.
-0.6199 Prevent assault??
-0.6027 Not to worry, this problem is solved by using Driverless cars. Unless govt bans driverless cars, oh wait a minute...
-0.5994 The add-ons you choose may well be illegal and are rapidly getting shut down. And in US, chances of prosecution is high.
-0.5994 Utterly over engineered.. The perpetrators will just ensure the victims phone is turned off / battery pulled / destroyed / thrown away.
-0.5719 It's a scam.