/u/Fourthwisemonkey is kind of a dick.

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0.8573 Quite basic smartphone, but has great battery life surprisingly.
0.8431 Better HDI, more clean, better tourism.
0.7845 True, plus the bag less dual cyclone thing is great.
0.7506 Nice one...looks like the lady accepted the deal; as OP's name checks out..
0.7096 So there needs backup plan ie buying off the shelf stuff, to ensure defence preparedness. Make in India sounds good on paper.
0.6705 Few days of over the top drama and Sasikala is made CM. Happy now?
0.6369 Its LG which us making me/many others run around, instead of clearly admitting the issue like Samsung.
0.6369 I speak Hindi and also love north Indian food
0.6249 I tend to use AMD processors due to the great price point.
0.6124 But pleasantly surprised.
0.608 Its a very reasonable response, not attacking innocents and gives a strong message.

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-0.9578 No, but we could take out some terrorist camp, by a small surgical/covert strike. Anything is better than waiting in fear on where the terrorist bleed us next
-0.9277 So we should fear pak nukes and keep letting pak kill innocents?? Tactical strike against terrorist camps is possible.
-0.9001 All horror stories of LG claiming water damage, no cover etc..In my case , they denied warranty claiming phone was originally from Czech Republic.
-0.8271 What about preventing further terrorist attacks.
-0.797 Sorry I do not agree with your views. And there is no need to insult me & swear just because I have a different stand.
-0.7964 Why should Pakistan respond? India attacked some terrorists, not Pakistan.
-0.7845 I am having a hard time finding the repair status...I will stop now & cry in corner... No more LG or Samsung next time..
-0.7579 Namby pamby 'peace loving' pacifists, kept ignoring & forgetting the constant terrorist attacks & Indian soldiers dying. Nobody wants wars for the sake of it.
-0.7469 Exactly same situation as you, but LG UK refused warranty repair, after wasting my time for weeks.
-0.7447 They brought a lot of pain to themselves by their own doings. Other examples are the Little India riots in Singapore & Malaysian Tamils.
-0.7351 As mentioned elsewhere, Tactical strike against terrorist camps is possible.
-0.7088 No, it does hurt ! Electorally, Economically and maybe physically too.