/u/Forkfoot is kind of a dick.

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0.8035 Either change the system so that other parties are viable, or give the people the ability to choose the nominees of the only two parties theyre able to choose from.
0.7964 You don't get to scoff and make fun of its view count and call that a win.
0.7942 The fact that they do not disclose that conflict of interest when reporting on the US intelligence community is itself highly incriminating.
0.7925 I think it's a little extreme to say anyone who's not so drastically anti-war that they won't even kill terrorists is not a progressive, though.
0.7624 This is about one of the most widely-viewed and trusted television networks actively conspiring in a deep state psy-op to manufacture consent for a regime change invasion.
0.7227 Like Apu from the Simpsons, but enlightened.
0.6486 If I can help him punch even harder, that benefits me even more.
0.636 Then they figure out that wonder of wonderstheyre actually funny enough to get paid to crack jokes!
0.5859 Look straight at that, ingest it, think about it, and tell me 99.9% of journalism does a good job.
0.5574 That would explain why all things Seth Rich get an instant influx of downvotes as soon as they're posted.
0.5267 CNN and the corporate media have been the ones promoting the despicable Bana Alabed psy-op in order to manufacture consent for Syrian regime change, not WikiLeaks.

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-0.9347 Rich's death was extremely suspicious, is now more suspicious than ever, *and* casts serious doubt on the world-threatening anti-Russia hysteria that this country has been saturating in for months.
-0.9246 It doesn't make someone who advocates the killing of terrorists a "war hawk" though.
-0.8957 Everything is shit and everyone's attempts to get out of the shit are also shit.
-0.8834 You are asking people to ignore both a murder *and* a major plot hole in the profoundly dangerous Russia narrative.
-0.8591 Whoever edited it is arguably guilty of tampering with evidence in a murder.
-0.8591 Killing terrorists is not "war", and nobody ever thought it was until Dubya and Fox News told them to think that.
-0.8591 If a fighter pisses hot for steroids, they're disqualified and results of their last fight are overturned, because they cheated.
-0.8442 If you still don't think the DNC cheated it's because you either haven't read the OP or are suffering from a serious mental defect.
-0.8176 If it can, and if it was indeed edited by Reddit admins, they may be guilty of tampering with evidence in a murder.
-0.8126 You are 100% dead wrong.
-0.7906 During the election cycle I had several people accuse me of "hate speech" for criticizing Hillary Clinton.
-0.7906 You left a blatant, evidence-free smear against WikiLeaks in the specific article you were forced to correct, and you expect us to believe this wasn't a deliberate smear?