/u/Forkfoot is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 Thanks for posting this, that's a great reminder.
0.7096 Well thank you for gracing this thread with your presence.
0.6834 I never gave a fuck about Hillary's gay rights record; I'm not an IDpol retard.
0.6705 I'm pretty sure that whole subreddit is just one shill with a few dozen alt accounts.
0.6597 Yeah well people with a sense of humor do.
0.6407 As long as Gabbard's not shitting on people's rights that's good enough for me.
0.6369 I would love to see the Cuomo family go down.
0.6096 Caitlin Johnstone calls this "the most metaphysically perfect thing that has ever happened."
0.5423 This is definitely an important phenomenon to keep an eye on.
0.4939 I don't know how to care about this.
0.4927 That's a really good point.

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-0.8834 Hmm, I have no idea why a guy with a Michael Moore username would want to discourage people from reading about the Democrat/neocon coalition's retarded McCarthyist hysteria.
-0.872 There seems to be some evidence of mass executions, but, again, the only remaining forces still fighting Assad are terrorists.
-0.8622 What the FUCK is this retard babbling about?????
-0.8176 She met with him to spare America from another idiotic regime-change invasion war.
-0.8107 I think it's statistically more likely that a murder scene was botched, either accidentally or on purpose.
-0.7793 You cant shock and awe people with your weapons and savagery if youre denying that you even have those weapons and promising that you wouldnt use them if you did.
-0.7531 God, pissing off the establishment whores on Reddit ALONE would make it worth electing Tulsi.
-0.7475 I'm not gonna support a regime change in Syria over some hanged terrorists.
-0.7003 That's teeth. No, Flynn resigning for misleading Mike Pence is not "teeth".
-0.6908 All those deplorables who said they'd hold Donald's feet to the fire sure as hell won't be doing it on T_D.
-0.6908 The only factions opposing Assad are terrorist groups.
-0.6597 Youre talking about killing people, Dianne.