/u/Forkfoot is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 Theyve been using the Chair to ensure that the Democratic party never, ever lives up to its platform and stays loyal to moneyed interests instead of voters this whole time.
0.7906 He said in the same speech that we need to get along with the world and "seek out peace wherever peace can be found".
0.7845 It's hilarious that you people are still pretending you don't need us to win elections.
0.743 God I love having a Twitter president.
0.6834 I never gave a fuck about Hillary's gay rights record; I'm not an IDpol retard.
0.6705 I look forward to seeing where this thing goes and I remain watchful for bright opportunities.
0.6531 Wow, some woke insightfulness from Salon???
0.6407 As long as Gabbard's not shitting on people's rights that's good enough for me.
0.6369 Perfectly understandable.
0.6249 He's awesome.
0.5994 However the reason he did poorly on Super Tuesday was because of the manipulations I literally just mentioned.

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-0.8834 Hmm, I have no idea why a guy with a Michael Moore username would want to discourage people from reading about the Democrat/neocon coalition's retarded McCarthyist hysteria.
-0.872 There seems to be some evidence of mass executions, but, again, the only remaining forces still fighting Assad are terrorists.
-0.8176 She met with him to spare America from another idiotic regime-change invasion war.
-0.8126 You are dead wrong.
-0.8105 How the fuck are you turning this into a bad thing in your mind??
-0.7998 Suggesting that an act of war has been perpetrated upon America and that we'll look weak if we don't respond to it is "soft-handed" on your planet??
-0.7906 All we know right now is they want war and they're lying.
-0.7906 The guy who said that was the same lying sack of shit who [tweeted that the WikiLeaks documents were forgeries.]
-0.7717 There are many reasons to worry about Trump, but warmongering isn't high on the list.
-0.7579 Let's tear this motherfucker down.
-0.7531 God, pissing off the establishment whores on Reddit ALONE would make it worth electing Tulsi.
-0.7475 I'm not gonna support a regime change in Syria over some hanged terrorists.