/u/Forkfoot is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 Top comment is by Nate Quarry, the guy whose greatest achievement in life was [getting his head smashed off by Rich Franklin.]
0.802 I wish you the best on your whatever you want to call your thing.
0.7269 You know this is something we care about and yet you're mixing a passive aggressive jab at us in with your request for support.
0.5994 In some instances, he omitted important intelligence, and in others he presented assumptions as facts.
0.5908 It can't be to make them afraid, because if it was he wouldn't be constantly denying it at every opportunity.
0.5719 Similar stories to the one in Chicago were reported at the Celebrate Israel Parade in New York City earlier this month.
0.5574 That would explain why all things Seth Rich get an instant influx of downvotes as soon as they're posted.
0.5574 The Seth Rich thing.
0.5574 No idea why you're babbling about Trump supporters in a sub that has nothing to do with Trump supporters.
0.5023 You wouldn't know this since you're not one of us, but the upvotes and downvotes happening on this post are not even a tiny bit remotely like normal for this sub.
0.4939 Okay, cool, so CNN has had one reporter come and go periodically.

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-0.9186 What is known is that the protests were quickly hijacked by violent jihadist extremists and terrorist factions, and Assad has been fighting those groups.
-0.8591 Whoever edited it is arguably guilty of tampering with evidence in a murder.
-0.8519 In fact it's actually stranger that it was because she kills the god of war to end a world war we know is just about to spark back up again in a few years.
-0.8402 Doesn't explain her reading scripted war propaganda in a fake interview on CNN, with the CNN host following the script.
-0.7964 Are you confusing me with the author of the article in the thread that you are commenting on, and then weaving a retarded argument based on that assumption?
-0.7906 During the election cycle I had several people accuse me of "hate speech" for criticizing Hillary Clinton.
-0.765 There is no reason to put any evil past them.
-0.7469 Would have made more sense to set it in WW2, but they chose the mustard gas war.
-0.7414 Substantiate this claim so I can destroy your argument.
-0.7303 What kind of mouth-breathing, knuckle-dragging moron criticizes a fucking POLITICAL SUBREDDIT on the grounds of it being "biased"???
-0.6908 RESEARCH.** Many of the groups you have listed are aliases for known terrorist factions.
-0.6908 Why does Assad "kill civilians deliberately" in your world?