/u/Fondofowls is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8658 I am sure your design was perfect, it looks wonderful.
0.836 Glad teaching is going well for you and you have lovely animals.
0.7783 Super easy to write on too.
0.7712 Yeah I love that design too!
0.743 Thanks for the kind words .
0.7263 Better check out Jo Ann's too just to be safe!
0.7096 What kind do you like?
0.6784 Ooh happy cake day!!!
0.6606 Aww these are so pretty!
0.6588 Cats are great!
0.6588 This sounds great, I have something I can send!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5707 No wonder no one could find him!
-0.4389 That's fine, no pressure!
-0.3595 Let me know if no one else wants I suppose!
-0.3595 No you need all those things!
-0.296 I had [these recipe cards printed] there and obviously no need for them either.
-0.2263 Yeah it's a shame about the envelopes.
-0.2023 Maybe the Sphynx are a bit strange?
-0.1779 Even if you have sent it before, my inbox is seriously a black hole :/.
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0.0 I thought the same thing when I designed some cards.
0.0 u/Google_Panda u/koryuuu