/u/Fondofowls is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9151 Glad it arrived safely and thanks for your kind words!
0.9094 I would love one please, any card or postcard would really be appreciated. Can send a return cat creation!
0.902 Perfect fabric choice in the pom poms just make it super adorable!
0.8622 Wah a cute photo and thanks for your kind words!
0.8513 It was really fantastic and Picard looks great!
0.8338 I'm so happy you enjoyed that part!
0.8268 It was perfect, you have wonderful drawing skills!
0.8221 I think you're pretty great too!
0.8176 Yes, good, good :D.
0.8165 I'm pretty sure you don't want them though because they're pretty mean.
0.8143 Thanks snail mail is so fun!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6981 No problem!!!
-0.6688 No problem!!
-0.4767 I'm afraid I would be terrible at such a thing most likely.
-0.4767 I'm terrible at trivia games.
-0.3595 No one will ever guess mine :D!
-0.296 7 for no reason in particular.
-0.2481 No problem friend!
-0.2228 No cream cheese icing and served slightly warm!
-0.1531 Flat rate usually comes with a tracking number in my limited experience.
-0.1513 Obviously a slide ruler . On a more serious note probably some sort of multi tool, SOG being my recommendation.
-0.1511 For serious!
-0.1511 For serious, let me know if you ever need additional mail!