/u/Fondofowls is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9365 I feel terrible about it. Huge thank you to u/CreamPieSatan for the purrfect cat tape! Gigantic thanks as well to u/lessons_learnt for the very generous Fantastic Beasts book!!!
0.9309 Thanks very much friend for the kind words and I wish you well this day!
0.9184 Hope this helps you and have a great day! Cheers, ~ fondofowls
0.888 Cheery mail makes life better so I am happy to be able to do this.
0.884 You are so welcome and thank you for your kind post!
0.8805 That's purrfect friend, ~~I love you~~ I mean thank you!
0.8774 Happy birthday and glad you liked it!!
0.8553 Great, hope it goes well!
0.8553 Good luck my friend!
0.8488 Thank you so much again and if it's not too weird, be happy to mail you a thank you card .
0.8439 That sounds like fun actually haha!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6688 No problem!!
-0.636 No problem!
-0.5819 I am so tired, sorry I cannot figure this out .
-0.5595 I never think that XD.
-0.5413 Ugh so sorry, can you tell I'm tired lol?
-0.5255 That's fine, no problem!
-0.4939 The potential shipping cost is just a bit to scary for me.
-0.4003 No problem, thank you too for filling it out!
-0.3804 I am so confused.
-0.3595 No rush at all on send time!
-0.3094 Sorry for the huge delay, but I haven't had a chance to post lately.
-0.2481 No problem friend!