/u/Fondofowls is very positive!

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0.9611 Thank you for the wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful present!!!!
0.9544 This is really the perfect gift for me and I just so appreciate you taking the time to think about it and picking out something that was so amazing!!!
0.9217 However, this thread seems like a perfect opportunity to share my favorite [owl cat picture].
0.9208 Hope you feel better soon!!!! Oh and thanks for so many cute photos!!
0.9001 I do feel like the people who do post a rematch gift seem truly happy and that makes up for a lot.
0.8881 I appreciate your kind words and lovely post!!
0.8802 Cheers and thanks for being a fantastic person in general!!
0.872 Love food and love to bake when I am feeling up to it.
0.8625 I wish I was better at sewing but I did my best <3.
0.858 QotD: I had so much excitement and RAOA looked like a friendly place!
0.8567 So happy you enjoyed it!!!

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-0.7351 K no worries or pressure.
-0.6705 Sorry maybe blame sleep deprivation for me not remembering?
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6116 I wish you nothing but the best as always and let me know if there's ever additional correspondence needed from yours truely!
-0.5423 I fail at organization.
-0.5346 For example I love cooking with coconut milk but hate shredded coconut?
-0.5267 I have weird dislikes when it comes to food though.
-0.4939 I am just sorry I have not had time to contribute :(
-0.4576 There's no penalty for them not posting so maybe there's less incentive for them to follow through.
-0.4003 Me too, I'm working as fast as I can given my crazy schedule!
-0.3595 Had no idea what a halloumi was until now!
-0.34 I don't know where you can find one unfortunately.