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0.8271 Virtually anyone can run for any office without any sort of test of party loyalty like many other democracies.
0.8176 I don't see him as an authority on Buddhism, I just think it's great that he was able to find something valuable in it the same way I did.
0.8074 Where is the one who chooses to be happy in relation to happiness?
0.8029 Why can people without mental illness choose to be happy whereas people with mental illness can't?
0.7845 The solution is to better regulate political parties.
0.7845 Of course the 2 parties in power like things the way it is and never pass laws that would open the door for more parties.
0.7717 The freedom comes from not having a choice. Craving is like going to the beach and trying to push away the "bad" waves and hold on to the "good" waves.
0.765 Do you think if he got rid of his wealth he would be happier?
0.765 It's more of a "hey, I didn't know Richard Gere was into Buddhism did you?" It's like when Catholics hear about Stephen Colbert talk about how great it is to be Catholic.
0.765 "Choosing to be happy" is valuing happiness over all other conscious experiences which leads to craving which leads to suffering.
0.7615 You can't force yourself to always think happy thoughts and never bad thoughts.

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-0.9022 I'm no advocate of this, but the only way to "flip the board" would be through violent revolution. Trump is too incompetent to actually flip the board.
-0.884 It's the moderate Muslims who need to fight this war of ideas and teach young Muslims that extremism is wrong.
-0.8834 If you're the type of person who will only get angry when cut off and not act upon your anger and you then stumble upon this insight, there's no change in reality, only perception.
-0.861 This in group/out group dichotomy that the far right espouses only make it more difficult to fight the war of ideas.
-0.8402 Everyone does fucked up shit.
-0.836 If someone cuts me off in traffic and I get angry and follow him home to beat him up, did I have to do that because I thought that he did it to spite me?
-0.8316 If you're in the habit of getting angry every time someone cuts you off, then you can't change the reality that you will get angry.
-0.8269 You don't become happy by getting what you want all the time, you become happy by learning how to be happy where you are right now.
-0.8225 With practice, one can recognize that anger is simply an emotional response to the perception that people are intentionally trying to cut you off to spite you.
-0.7906 Islam is "the motherload" of bad ideas, but the people who subscribe to those ideas aren't bad.
-0.765 Failing to recognize lineage is simply failing to recognize those who helped you on the path.
-0.7506 Half the people in prison have some sort of neurological or psychological condition that blurs the line between right and wrong in their mind.