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0.9366 Her left eye could be a little more circular, but overall a great leap in progress friendo :)
0.9219 Nice use of guidelines as well, it's quite often that artists skip them even though they really improve the drawing as a whole. Dipper's hat is looking GREAT!
0.9179 I've sent her along just now, enjoy :D HAPPY NEW YEAR!
0.9136 No worries at all, thanks for helping me clear out my boxes xD Sent her now, enjoy :)
0.9123 You're so awesome man, 1000 internet hugs to you :D
0.9109 If not, don't worry, I can just grab you a random one :) Edit - Don't wanna keep you waiting, I'll send you one of my best lil' men, take good care of him!
0.8908 Much love to you and best of luck in the battling scene!
0.8885 Awwh, man...think I'm too late, if there's any free 'mons I'd love one haha.
0.8883 Sent, take good care of her and have a great New year!
0.8858 Good luck on Shiny Zorua, hopefully you strike luck and get them on the next batch!
0.8834 Enjoy her and have a great New year :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5656 Put up a level 15 Female Luvdisc, tytytyty words can't describe how amazing you are!!
-0.4939 No need to put someone else down for no reason, especially when they're at such an impressionable age.
-0.4003 No problem, thank you so much!
-0.34 The perspective always drives me crazy.
-0.3291 Hey, I've been looking for your Wingull but can't seem to find it :( Would it be alright if you deposited another of different gender/level range to see if I could find it then?
-0.2732 No worries, thanks for the heads up.
-0.2714 Well done! For a piece of constructive criticism, I'd say check her left arm; it's a little noodley in appearance.
-0.2244 Will miss you!
-0.128 Tyrunt for example... - Poke ball - Strong jaw - Adamant - The elemental bites I suppose? I'd personally kill for ones with 5-6IV ;)
-0.1027 I'm seriously in love with your art; that shading is to die for 0.0
-0.0397 If you play as Horde in WoD, Jaina will have a go at Khadgar when he takes you to his tower and flat out state that Horde players cannot be trusted.
0.0 Lactose inktolerant?