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0.9775 Hope you're good at art XD Thats pretty challenging to draw :) They are pretty cool animals though :3
0.9626 Not 5k XD but I love wasd, as a support I find that not having to focus my mouse on moving the camera lets me target spells and keep vision much better!
0.9329 Wow XD I guess it is true that all generalisations are good /s
0.9035 I basically only play Dota2 XD 2100 hours+ But I do own l4d2, so I figured I may as well answer in case you are eu :P
0.9008 Hey sherk :) Your drawing skills are vastly superior to mine XD Could you draw me a manatee wearing cat ears on a hoop?
0.8971 XD yeah, I was actually thinking of the blue one being all denying of the affection :P
0.891 Try german metwurst :3 Its chopped onions and stuff, super yummy
0.886 I've always wanted to see that, itd be super adorable :3
0.872 Do something for charity, help others :). It will help you much more than self-help, it will give you some purpose. You could even try and help kids or adults in a similar situation.
0.8638 True I suppose, but its a gamble that can only benefit you, because it can only get better or end, and when it ends it won't matter anymore.
0.8469 You can do anything you like, they won't do more than stare, and theyll stare at almost anything anyway :P But honestly I think you'll be just fine.

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-0.9366 Yeah, but tiredness is a temporary problem, suicide is a permanent answer to that problem :/ You can get un-tired, but only if you give yourself that chance
-0.8442 So even if I'm bad, or not who I want to be, I want to observe and experience so much more than the shitty things!
-0.8163 It doesn't matter if they are telling you to go die, you're still a unit, don't let it make you feel bad.
-0.7677 Sorry dude, don't even drink :) I've been approached in the centre and asked for weed before, but I imagine thats a bad move
-0.743 It always scares me, the fact that I will never be able to experience anything again after death.
-0.7027 Is this shittylifeprotips??? I absolutely hate it when people do this!
-0.6779 Couldn't agree more :D
-0.5719 Hi My ex girlfriend had Bipolar depression, still has I guess.
-0.4588 Will this get you banned?
-0.4215 I can relate to this way too hard :/
-0.4019 Plug them in once in a while, unsused harddrives lose data after about 10 years
-0.3818 I went to a camp last summer and cried myself to sleep.