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0.9578 Thanks :D some great tips, very appreciated :)
0.9548 XD hey Thanks :D that's exactly the sort of reccomendation I was looking for :) Munich.de only seemed to have really big shows, so I'll definitely check that out.
0.9341 Cool :) I play mostly Coop too right now, though I'm finding it's getting a bit too easy XD I PMed you, in case you wannaplay sometime
0.9196 XD I did use to play TF2 china-Europe, sniping on 400 ms lag XD I'll PM you my name :)
0.899 Yeah, Id love to meet up, but my parents are in town this weekend and probably want to see me for house shopping, and after that I'm away 2 weeks XD
0.8971 XD yeah, I was actually thinking of the blue one being all denying of the affection :P
0.884 XD sorry, must have mixed up song Snuff is good, but very emotional :)
0.8807 Of course not, but some people do know at that age :) So if you continue to be sure into your teens you can go on hormone blockers until you're ready to decide.
0.876 Yeah, wraith king is good :), although it might also help to play a support first so you don't have to focus so hard on farming.
0.8735 Awww damn, I cant do tomorrow, but some other time Id love to :)
0.873 :) I might, though I don't think I can get there easily till I fix my bike, whoch is in pieces XD

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-0.9366 Yeah, but tiredness is a temporary problem, suicide is a permanent answer to that problem :/ You can get un-tired, but only if you give yourself that chance
-0.9217 Slipknot Snuff? I was gonna say this, but I prefer the line: "I only wish you weren't my friend, so I could hurt you in the end" Major feels towards my ex/best friend of 4 years :(
-0.8442 So even if I'm bad, or not who I want to be, I want to observe and experience so much more than the shitty things!
-0.743 It always scares me, the fact that I will never be able to experience anything again after death.
-0.6249 Awww, I missed it :(
-0.5813 Weeeell In some religious organisations trans people are killed, make them kill each other ;) XD
-0.5719 Hi My ex girlfriend had Bipolar depression, still has I guess.
-0.5616 As a trans girl, I also feel they kinda stop us from exercising femininity unless we pass for a normal girl 100%, because I wouldn't want to be mistaken for that.
-0.5574 Rob Zombie's cover of the Ramones Blitzkrieg Bop
-0.4404 The reason I haven't told my parents is that I'm scared theyll disown me, even if I don't think thatll happen.
-0.3818 I went to a camp last summer and cried myself to sleep.
-0.3412 Hey I've had to do this, and it isn't easy.