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0.961 I wish XD but yeah, you're probably right :) Ill need it camping anyway to be honest XD
0.9508 1v1 Mid me irl m8 Play Doto, bigger prize pool, all heroes free, better memes!
0.9313 Hijacking this Just add something short and simple, like: My type is usally more feminine guys or butch girls, but you can always surprise me :) And not something like: I like my men to be feminine.
0.9313 True, but this is still fun :), and you never know. Also some people appreciate the non-commital nature of these things :)
0.8934 I cuddle my female friends, and I'm pretty sure I've cuddles male ones before, it depends on the culture I guess, my friends are all very alternative.
0.8834 Solo stack till you find nice people :) its what I do, and I've slowly built a base of friends to play with
0.8779 Oh yeah, my friend set that as a joke, when I first got it" -Problem fixed And if you ever do come out "Haha remember when i told you my friend did it"
0.8591 On our first date, you will wear panties... You get the idea. Or go with something like: I like my men how I like my drinks: Girly and sweet
0.8508 Thanks, thats very helpful :) I'll look into it
0.836 Good luck getting out of the pit :)
0.836 I also have a sense of humour and can laugh at myself. But yeah, other perspectives.

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-0.8316 Ja, ich weiss, als ich klein war hab ich in NRW gewohnt, das war viel besser.
-0.8163 It doesn't matter if they are telling you to go die, you're still a unit, don't let it make you feel bad.
-0.7269 We have memorials to the fallen german soldiers of the wars here in germany...
-0.7027 Is this shittylifeprotips??? I absolutely hate it when people do this!
-0.5994 War berhaupt kein Thema, nur wir jede andere bar.
-0.5913 Myself, but 2 feet shorter ;) really fuck with people
-0.5859 Confusing headline, thought the father had stabbed the son, who was defending
-0.5719 I know, but letting people decide when 18 is useless, caus itll be too late by then
-0.5267 I think headache means danger, so if that happens in future, find shade and walk later/earlier in the day.
-0.521 I'm not sure I would ever want to be in a situation where Im having sex with someone who I don't trust to have the same priorities regarding birth control as me.
-0.4588 Will this get you banned?
-0.34 Ich hab intresse, aber meine figuren sind zur zeit noch bei meinen Eltern in Freiburg :/