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0.9771 Hey :) I'm guessing you're not EU, but if you are, Id love to play :) I'm a trans girl and like to play support.
0.9578 Thanks :D some great tips, very appreciated :)
0.9548 XD hey Thanks :D that's exactly the sort of reccomendation I was looking for :) Munich.de only seemed to have really big shows, so I'll definitely check that out.
0.9341 Cool :) I play mostly Coop too right now, though I'm finding it's getting a bit too easy XD I PMed you, in case you wannaplay sometime
0.9246 I have over 400 hours in BDL2, abd it continues to be amazing I'd love to play :) PM me if you're still looking
0.9196 XD I did use to play TF2 china-Europe, sniping on 400 ms lag XD I'll PM you my name :)
0.9181 Yeah, but most of them are really good about it :) Also one advantage of being trans, I sound like a guy XD, so no harassment.
0.9144 I think pretty much everything has been said, but I'll just add that Lucio and Mercy, or any other support are good for beginners.
0.9144 It doesn't feel as good but its super fast, painless and looks pretty passable :).
0.9136 I play overwatch so that would be great :D I'm not sure what BDO is :P
0.9136 Hey person :) Some subreddits you may like: /r/feminineboys /r/femboy /r/asktrans Maybe some of them can help :) You can also PM me if you like, I'm a trans girl.

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-0.9217 Slipknot Snuff? I was gonna say this, but I prefer the line: "I only wish you weren't my friend, so I could hurt you in the end" Major feels towards my ex/best friend of 4 years :(
-0.6249 Awww, I missed it :(
-0.5813 Weeeell In some religious organisations trans people are killed, make them kill each other ;) XD
-0.5678 I am very very sad that I didn't get on blockers, because it has meant I now have many masculine features, which cant be undone :(.
-0.5616 As a trans girl, I also feel they kinda stop us from exercising femininity unless we pass for a normal girl 100%, because I wouldn't want to be mistaken for that.
-0.5096 They don't require great aim, and let you get a bit of gamesense while still contributing to your team .
-0.4404 The reason I haven't told my parents is that I'm scared theyll disown me, even if I don't think thatll happen.
-0.3863 I don't want attention, I just wanna be left alone. I am sick of all these bright haired tumblerinas dragging trans people down.
-0.34 I didn't really come here to argue.
-0.34 I'm EU unfortunately :
-0.3182 All we eant is to live a normal life and be ignored.
-0.3164 Guns of Icarus -Steampunk Airship combat simulator -Has the best community I've ever seen on any game, with everyone being silly/speaking in a fake british accent -Seriously Steampunk Airships!