/u/Fatslap90 is very positive!

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43Positive Score
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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8464 Mmmm she's fucking sexy I'd love too
0.8464 You are fucking sexy and love to see more
0.8442 Mmmmm sexy tits I'd love to play with them
0.8304 Wow very fucking sexy.
0.8304 Wow very fucking sexy
0.8225 Wow you look amazing.
0.8225 Love That pale sexy body
0.8173 Wow very sexy
0.8173 Wow very sexy.
0.7845 Sexy ass and great body hope to see more of you
0.7845 But I love a nice thick sexy ass

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7184 Sucks your week has been bad.
-0.4939 Goddamn that's a sexy ass
-0.4939 Goddamn that's a sexy ass
-0.4404 Mmmm and maybe you can suck on something of mine then
-0.4215 Damn that's a sexy ass
-0.3804 What kind of distraction do you want
-0.3626 Damn that ass is fucking sexy
-0.1779 Well Damn that's a sexy ass
-0.1531 How bout we add another cock
-0.1531 Mmmm now grab your ankles so I can bury my tongue and cock deeper in those holes
-0.0704 Goddamn that's fucking sexy got me so hard
-0.0258 I want to suck on those sexy tits