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0.9633 And there are people like you and the good folks in this community to help bolster confidence. Thank you again and I hope your day is great.
0.9545 In the end, though, I think understanding one's true nature, honoring it, and doing little things for the ones you love might be the best we can hope for.
0.9349 Years ago, Colombia was just a lovely idea for us -- lots of pretty pictures of diverse geography, topography, and climate, and stories of friends living a great life.
0.9287 Best of luck to you -- you certainly can have a great life without a 9-5 traditional career.
0.9167 Your kindness is helping me re-live those good feelings of being able to help again, so thank you!
0.9099 It is really funny, it is perfectly clear when she is ready to switch houses -- she just tells us.
0.9001 Still, the whole system seems designed to provide the allusion of security, and I am sure there are ways to deliver more security, less instrusively, while still respecting our dignity and rights.
0.8979 I can just imagine having the space and time to relax and enjoy a good book -- not something that is easy to do on a plane.
0.8955 It sounds like you are well on your way, and I wish you the very best.
0.8779 It is wonderful to learn about the life you've built and to see your amazing creations.
0.875 I think your writing is great -- colorful, vivid, clear, honest.

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-0.836 It felt as if I was being arrested, detained, or doing something wrong.
-0.7713 I deal with anxiety myself, and dealing with tenants and tenant problems is not a great part of my life.
-0.6486 We were struck by how low costs were -- that cuts both ways -- spending less and receiving less when you sell.
-0.6114 And no doubt on the people watching!
-0.5994 Her aunt and uncle said we would have no problem at all.
-0.5679 Isn't it amazing how much we spend and what we do to ourselves just to make a bad situation better?
-0.5574 No offense to anyone here who participates in those -- I just have always believed that people should be compensated for their hard work.
-0.5574 The day Nik died Cocoa came to our little memorial service and has been with us as I write above ever since.
-0.5267 I take your point, but may need to disagree a bit.
-0.5106 Nik was skin and bones and obviously abused when she arrived at our place on Christmas Eve 2005.
-0.5106 Nonetheless, the immediate pain I have felt while flying recently made the environmental impact slip my mind.
-0.5095 Our friend's parents thought we would have an extremely difficult time -- they say it is tough to find "gente de confianza".