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0.9571 Honestly I loved everything I tried but if you're mostly a fruit lover, check out "Honey Suckle My Cuke" I know it sounds like an odd combo but it's definitely one of my favorite advs now!
0.9471 I feel so bad for the daughter but I'm glad she got a party that wasn't ruined and it was awesome of you to choreograph for her!
0.9393 I still won't initiate a lot of physical contact because I'm naturally shy about it but I will hug my friends back, grab their arms, tell them I love them, things of that nature.
0.9389 I don't do this usually and as a rule my personal info is hard to access but it seems like you could really use a friend and I would like to help if I can.
0.9321 I actually have a Sara running around, I did consider Rhiannon but Sara fits her so perfectly :)
0.93 Well thank you all the same, my daughter loved her Kinder egg and my friends are lusting after my Cadbury eggs
0.9286 Either way, you sound like a great husband and I hope she gets to a point where she sees herself as beautiful as you see her!
0.9215 I truly hope things get better for you sooner rather than later and I'm sending lots of love and rainbows your way!
0.9194 Still one of my favorites for sure but I have to say my true love is Cait.
0.9023 Gift giving is sort of a battle of creativity and hope for the best on each other's parts and we both have been let down.
0.8934 Having someone I care for listen to a song was such a "me" thing to do and having her pick such a perfect one was amazing.

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-0.6917 Central Market is okay if you don't mind paying more but damn do I miss having and HEB on the corner!
-0.6908 Because I was taught showing emotions is a weakness, I appear bored and indifferent to almost everyone in my life.
-0.6369 I have severe scoliosis, I was always standing as straight as I was able... Fuck people who say this.
-0.6066 It took me a couple decades to realize it but don't ever try to force something when you can't get over feeling uncomfortable.
-0.5859 This is bullshit
-0.5574 Cheap assholes can't even get me a space big enough to fit a bed but want me to fight for them?
-0.5407 On two different occasions I forced myself into relationships with women who seemed perfect on paper but who made me incredibly uncomfortable whenever I was around them.
-0.5106 I can't even describe in words how depressed this makes me, the edge was one of the few non streaming stations I could stand to listen to in my car
-0.4926 I don't say that as a meaningless platitude either!
-0.4767 The stuffed baked potatoes got me through my poor years and I still make them occasionally for my family.
-0.4767 I don't think you understand how jeopardy works...
-0.4767 I'm actually a really emotionally sensitive person who has the urge to cry over the smallest things.