/u/EternalRains is very positive!

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0.9682 You look soooo cute in the first pic xD But yeah, you are attractive and the color of your eyes is amazing *-* haha, for me, its a strong 8/10.
0.9493 definitely handsome, your eyes are really pretty, hair looks good, and I agree with the other comment, you will look even better in a few years
0.936 you look cute, but if you want serious and honest opinions then take better quality pics :)
0.9217 You look pretty attractive in this one, along with the other photos you are a strong 8.4/10 Don't put yourself down, you are fine :)
0.9001 you are looking gooood, beautiful eyes you have there, and great body :)
0.8854 yup, strong arms, you workout so that's definitely a plus, so overall you are looking great, its a 7.5/10 for me.
0.8555 7.8/10 attractive, I like your smile, feels like you are more approachable.
0.8553 you are pretty handsome, not ugly at all!
0.8402 good looking dude, strong jawline, nice eyes and beard, nothing much to add since you didn't post body pic
0.8091 btw I freakin love the color of your hair :P
0.7964 The third picture is the best one, you look better.

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-0.8573 As a girl I definitely would say you are attractive but I agree that you look a bit intimidating, maybe you look angry or you have a resting bitch face.
-0.7783 Damn, that's horrible, especially when it's a foreigner the one getting that experience, I'm chilean and I've had encounters with gross men like a lot of girls and I know it's not specific to Chile.
-0.5994 It sucks that this marked your stay in my country :/
-0.5574 I don't know if you are fishing for compliments but I don't understand why somebody would say you are ugly.
-0.5499 I can't see your body but by your face you don't seem to need to lose weight.
-0.4973 in every pic he has hair, in the first photos I don't like his haircut that's why I suggested a new one OR a different way of style it, but I like more the pics with longer hair.
-0.4588 Im jealous of your eyes and eyelashes.
-0.4552 Just like somebody pointed out, they are probably jealous, so don't believe them :)
-0.3818 Losing a little weight will sharp your face features.
-0.1356 8.5/10 with the piercing, 9/10 without, really handsome, congrats :D
-0.1027 Its hard to rate someone based on just one picture.
-0.1027 Hard to tell with just one pic.