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0.9419 So if you like it more than Treehouse you can save that $25 a month. Good luck, and happy coding!
0.9352 I got very positive with a score of 26, pretty proud of that :D
0.9282 Learn Python The Hard Way is the go-to book for programming beginners so it's great for getting really solid foundations and best of all it's free!
0.9273 Also, the community is excellent and thriving. Good luck and happy coding!
0.9098 The community is excellent and thriving and best part it, its free!
0.8442 Thanks for your suggestion of Reaper by the way, it's awesome and basically solves all the potential issues I've been having
0.8442 Oh yeah, forgot to mention; lather with soap is definitely what I'm going for. Thanks for the advice, I'll be sure to watch those videos.
0.8225 I'm guessing it will be something along the lines of 'Let's Play Minecraft X' where they take all the best bits from all the other Let's Plays and compile them all in to one video.
0.807 Awesome, thanks!
0.7644 Omg, you are amazing, thank you so much!
0.743 Honestly no clue, I thought you might know lol In most desktop image editing tools there should be a way to layer multiple images and export as a gif, and there'll definitely be something online

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-0.7269 But seriously, enough with the useless 'Hey look at my crap thing' posts, it fills the subreddit with fluff.
-0.7003 Warning stairs may or may not transform you into a smooth criminal
-0.5118 Change the ranking system to a less punishing one
-0.5086 I actually have all those and unfortunately I'm not going to commit to the classic XComs, what are the others you don't remember?
-0.4767 I done goofed at Jojo, I am ashamed with my performance.
-0.4166 Sorry, I'm not very interested in that game
-0.4166 Sorry I'm not really interested in any of those...
-0.4019 Did the discord get shut down?
-0.3816 Just a guess though as I have no other experience. I did not know sandalwood was a known skin irritant, that's very useful!
-0.3612 Sorry no, I already have it...
-0.3595 CINNAMON NO!
-0.296 I got 2 BGHs in packs, still no normal one.