/u/EroStyle is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9463 I wpuld love to participate :D And I love the Weeknd <3
0.9454 <3 What a lovely greeting you gave me <3 [Here's my RMM] , I'll comment on yours right now :D
0.9379 It's okay love, really n.n Hope you have better luck with Katie next time!
0.9177 [5/5] Really nice and respectful mayor :) Even left a generous tip!
0.8979 Would be lovely <3 I'd love to participate n.n
0.8955 Gave me an item from my wishlist for free when I was offering bells :) Would love to trade with them again!
0.8832 I wanted to join a small community for fun for a while now, I hope you are still accepting requests!
0.8748 You are always really nice to everyone and I would like to thank you for that <3
0.8516 <3 Feel free to link me your RMM n.n Have a nice day!
0.8516 n.n My favorite song is One by Crystal Kay <3 Edit: We are already friends!
0.8439 I hope you have better luck next time!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7002 I struggle to pay my townhall renovation n.n" 493,000 bells ain't easy to pay!
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.636 No problem at all!
-0.5904 Got a resetti :C
-0.5904 Can't see your town :C
-0.5719 It's okay if you want to skip me at all, I don't mind n.n" My bad for being distracted
-0.3453 Oh, what a bud luck :C I'm sorry for that!
-0.3182 It's a trap
-0.2228 Oops, I'm really sorry!
-0.1511 I'm sorry it took so long!
-0.1511 n.n" Sorry!
-0.1511 Something eird is happening, I'm sorry!