/u/EpicCrusts is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9029 So wonderfully sweet, sexy with more than a hint of arousal?
0.8883 Sounds like a perfect afternoon, gorgeous!
0.8687 The only way to improve the sudsy smoke is with a sexy soapy sesh with a friend!
0.8622 Great pic, definitely keen to see more!
0.8622 She's simply stunning, I'd love to see what she's like in the bedroom!
0.8588 Simply gorgeous, I'd love to be right at the front of that line!
0.8478 Your body is amazing and lingerie looks great on you!
0.8478 Well I hope you get more permission into the future, loving it!
0.8439 Definitely would love to see more ;)
0.836 Looks delicious, I'd love to dive right in.
0.8275 You should embrace them, they look so gorgeous and add so much to the look and sex appeal down there!

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 Your ass is so enticing!
-0.3595 We missed your submissions!
-0.3382 Without any hesitation!
-0.3182 I could just get lost in it, and the things we'd do as well...
-0.3164 Which is a shame because they fill out that bra well!
-0.1531 In a heartbeat and until she was too sore to take other men ;)
-0.1511 Only if you let me rub it into those hard to reach places!
-0.126 With those views, who would ever leave bed!
0.0 Blue suits your pale skin.
0.0 He's also regressed in age from 21 to 19.
0.0 "Going down!
0.0 Plenty of room for company!