/u/Emperorpenguin5 is a total dick!

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0.8742 If you want to bring in more competitive talent you need to increase the prize pool.
0.802 Best thing you can do honestly.
0.7845 Nice job deleting your post. Great work there.
0.7783 Because all you've been doing is defending them left and right. Nothing about what they've done has been anything but mediocre at best.
0.6908 Oh my god Deggy I found you here and thank god you're not a trumpet.
0.6633 Play with the fucking team that is shit 3 times out of 5? GOOD luck.
0.6619 Making a joke about sepuku is not racist.
0.5859 I just love making a Conservative moron show his true colors.
0.5585 OH the BGS and endlessly procedural universe? Yeah SO MUCH FUN looking at shit from a datasheet.
0.5267 We'll know who to hang when you keep up that I'm superior to the masses while we get sick of you hoarding your wealth over us.
0.5106 It never will be unless they front their own money for prize pools. You're also dealing with the fact that CSGO/COD/Halo/Battlefield have held those FPS tournaments for quite awhile.

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-0.9343 You gonna concede you're fucking wrong then and stop being a shitbag about guns? No? THen shut the fuck up and go fuck yourself.
-0.9042 Then you're just as retarded and racist as the Racists at a BLM rally.
-0.9005 Same shit happened with Videogames. When publishers know their shit is shit they won't want anyone to know till it's already out on the market.
-0.8977 He can soak their damage and pull them out from behind the enemy group or out from their little hidey hole OR just fucking stop Lucio from rollerblading all over the damn walls.
-0.8779 Fuck you you stupid cunt.
-0.8748 No they don't actually and you're a lying sack of shit for it. "hillary supporters" They're just moderate democrats you fucking retard.
-0.8625 When you denied the fact that the GOP are far worse you sorta did numbnuts. BTW you're full of shit.
-0.8316 I fell like you're a lying sack of shit and your name "Made_in_Murica" screams southern twatwaffle trump supporting douchebag.
-0.8288 Piss poor grind, Engineers being Broken as Fuck, Power play untouched worthless system now. What else... Well you got the thargoids going for ya so I guess that's nice.
-0.8176 You seem retarded. So you gonna tell me so I can get the data on that bullshit claim of yours or not?
-0.8158 Maybe get one of those fancy edumacations and get yourself a well-rounded degree and you might understand why we hate you to your very greedy/selfish/hypocritical/ignorant as fuck core.
-0.8067 133. So no they don't have anywhere near the same number in frequency. You're being intellectually dishonest so fuck off.