/u/Emperorpenguin5 is a total dick!

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0.8126 Cause I can see clearly you just got triggered and shut down pretty quick like a typical snowflake.
0.7076 Like they would fucking say they were after trump just told Russians some highly Classified Intelligence.
0.6983 You still live in your seth rich fantasy land so I'm surprised you can see anything at all with those blinders on.
0.6369 I love how you get more upvotes for pointing this out.
0.6369 And btw you should do it soon before your glorious leader decides instead of debating Climate change that he'll just delete all the data on it.
0.6291 people past 40 would be extremely hard to convince that everything they've been told by FOX news is a lie and convince them of that truth.
0.5994 it was voted on 100-0 That's far past as super majority to override a veto.
0.5719 I"m actually thankful they didn't Now a large portion of dumbasses in the south aren't gonna have many kids if any at all that could even vote.
0.5574 Sure kid sure.
0.5501 But please tell me how someone isn't a fucking moronic un-american shit stain for supporting Trump after all that's happened so far?

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-0.9501 School choice has been proven to do jack shit so fuck off with that voucher shit you absolute fucktard.
-0.937 You're fucking wrong, full of shit and I'm quite sick of you fucking retards peddling this "humans can't cause climate change" bullshit.
-0.9325 Whereas redstates continue to fuck people over fuck over the economy and steal political power through gerrymandering and the bullshit going on in NC right now.
-0.923 No what is bothering us is the number of fucking stupid sacks of shit who continue to watch fox news and ignore facts right in their fucking faces.
-0.9106 This shit can't be stopped unless you kill the fuckers or throw them out.
-0.908 Majority of the GOP won't lift a finger to stop climate change, so fuck them they'll kill us all.
-0.9058 I"m really getting sick and tired of this bullshit you people keep peddling in all the subreddits with the worst average intelligence among its subscribers.
-0.8971 I don't care who you vote for at this point but I'm tired of constant bullshit you peddle.
-0.8911 A stupid little pathetic pig trying to garner a few more idiots to believe your bullshit.
-0.8885 China would have went to war with us to stop Trump from killing us all.
-0.8807 We're just sick of the stupid as fuck false equivalency you dumbasses keep peddling.
-0.8797 No they weren't you fucking moronic lying sack of shit stop shilling here and piss off.