/u/Emperorpenguin5 is a total dick!

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0.802 You convince them that it's a good thing/idea or fun? Whether with your voice and language, your body, your mind.
0.7717 Engineers are able to create great things. They're still pretty damn stupid...
0.7089 IF you want to make yourself more useful to humanity I'll gladly take your thyroid.
0.6557 If you really think both parties play the game equally. Let me present you with Exhibit A. THE GOP STOLE A SCOTUS SEAT FROM OBAMA.
0.6513 They made the ACA a priority and got it passed. You idiots don't know shit yet continue to spout your opinion as if it has any value.
0.6249 Man you must be a great person to be around...
0.5423 Oh God I did play that.
0.5423 Vote for people who will fight for people's rights and understand you have to take care of your people and everything will work out far better.
0.5106 Free markets don't exist.
0.5106 Free markets can never exist.
0.4939 Enjoy your stupidity and downvotes good sir.

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-0.8979 As he just flipped on a shit ton of policy positions after realizing he doesn't know shit. You're retarded.
-0.8949 THEY WILL MAKE IT SHITTY AND FAIL. Stop voting for them.
-0.8911 No it's not "the governments" it's THE REPUBLICANS. Get it fucking straight. You elect assholes who believe and want government to be shitty and fail.
-0.8487 STOP GETTING INFO FROM THE FAR LEFT MORONS AND THINKING THAT'S THE ENTIRETY OF THE LEFT. MY god you people never cease to amaze me at the blatant ignorance you people display.
-0.8436 A useless sack of shit for a president that has done absolutely nothing good for this country and still never will.
-0.8432 They are Not living until they can. SO go fuck yourself. You self-righteous sack of shit.
-0.836 Fuck off you asinine twat.
-0.8251 That's how fucking stupid and retarded of a president Trump is.
-0.8176 A racist fuck yourself.
-0.8016 No they don't actually. And you do realize that the debt for our Doctors are also paid for by the state you fucking moron.
-0.7964 Man you're retarded you also post conspiracy theories.