/u/El__duderino__ is kind of a dick.

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0.8898 Johnsons have to win, but Miller's would be pretty good.
0.7003 Truly /nottheonion worthy.
0.6808 It's truly amazing how ignorant people can be about thef facts of specific issues while still spring of about them.
0.6551 Impossible not to lose a lot of respect for kd and significantly devalue his legacy.
0.6467 I don't know if I should appreciate how honest they are being about how corrupt they are or if it should offend me that they aren't even bothering to hide it anymore.
0.6281 It doesn't matter how trained or qualified you are, to the anti-gun rights lawmakers their ability to be protected is a right.
0.5994 Your ability to protect yourself at home is not.
0.5423 Still only 50/50 chance since this happens to fit the preferred narrative.
0.5216 There's nothing discriminatory or abusive about that.
0.5106 Have fun.
0.4404 Incognito mode is good for Two things.

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-0.9371 I know it's hard to believe but I actually had a conversation on reddit once with a guy who insisted nobody from acorn had been arrested as part of their voter registration fraud scandal.
-0.9201 The people who got stabbed had violently attacked a disgusting, yet non-violent gathering.
-0.8826 I've been with her in public during some really unfortunate shit and it's terrible.
-0.8825 Violently attacking those who are peacefully expressing any view that does not immediately call for violence, no matter how distasteful, is never okay.
-0.8442 As a more extreme example, if you set a bear trap hidden next to the sign to clamp on the leg of an evil trump supporter, obviously that's a crime.
-0.8316 Yah it's still assault to booby trap something with the intent of hurting someone, especially indiscriminately.
-0.802 Part of becoming an adult is learning how to deal with your anger in the face of hostility.
-0.7964 Electric shocks absolutely constitute maiming and have killed.
-0.7783 Probably not for them or those who violently attacked them.
-0.7717 Physically assaulting someone is and is completely inappropriate in a civilized society, even if they hurt your feelings.
-0.765 It's shameful for trump to follow their disgusting example.
-0.7636 Violence in such situations is something neanderthals do, not something rational, intelligent people do.