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0.9501 Congratulations on your great success, this is an awesome plant and moreso for a first grow.
0.9274 Thanks for sharing :) Since the text of the guide is lifted from the SB website it would be nice if the infographic mentioned the source. Cheers
0.9214 I really like that you used the 3D designer :) As for the fixes, the side lighting will be your best bet, it can really improve things in supersized containers.
0.92 That is awesome :) Thanks for sharing!
0.9186 Best of luck and keep us posted with your tweaks and progress :)
0.918 Absolutely a record yield, congratulations on your awesome success.
0.9098 How about 100k by 2020? The awesome illustration was created by our resident bucket designer :) Cheers from this south!
0.902 I wonder if it is too small though, better flower early! Cheers and keep us posted with your progress :)
0.9001 I added fixes for the 3D designer too, it got faster and should work better on mobile devices now. Suggestions for the website are always welcome :) Cheers
0.8895 Over the years we've arrived at some pretty effective bucket designs. I've grown cherry tomatoes and hot peppers in my buckets, and they are so fun.
0.8807 I want to say thanks to all for your great contributions, this has truly been a community effort since the beggining.

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-0.7964 It was key to the Incas, who 'punished any disturbance of the birds with death', and played a big role in the war between Chile, Peru and Bolivia at the start of the past century.
-0.7506 War sucks tho
-0.5983 That is a lot of shit!
-0.5983 Shit man, those are some fat flowers!
-0.5859 Those mini fridges have insulation that would prove problematic for heat, and you would be limited by the non-expandable height.
-0.5759 As a community we never recommend growing in high risk situations.
-0.5574 This is assuming you live in a state where it is still illegal.
-0.5423 The hotness will be your main enemy.
-0.4585 I've been looking for it without success.
-0.4571 I think I've seen it done one or two times over at /r/microgrowery, but I would not really recommend it.
-0.4149 It is just not worth it to put your family at risk over this.
-0.4019 The heat from the bulbs can help with the cold weather, but those summer temperatures will probably be a problem.