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0.92 Very nice bucket plant :) This is a great example of good training.
0.9136 Congratulations on your great success.
0.9042 Congrats on your great plant success.
0.9041 Glad we could help :) enjoy the fruits of your labor!
0.9001 I think it is a great milestone, and an awesome opportunity to spread the bucket garden.
0.8999 I hope this turns into a series :) Let me know if you need help with HTML and CSS, with a few lines of code we can prettify that output a lot. Cheers!
0.895 I'd love to submit this to the website, more images of the exterior would be very useful. Cheers
0.8826 For #1, you could get LED bulbs on the hardware store and build something like this: https://www.spacebuckets.com/u/MikroLED Having fun is also very important. Cheers
0.8625 They fit perfectly inside the 5gal bucket and they are easy to remove if you add some handles.
0.8555 Everyone is welcome, gardening is a rewarding hobby :)
0.8516 Yes :) Have fun!

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-0.6478 That would be very irresponsible, putting your family at risk over a plant.
-0.6369 Even if it was legal, hiding the plant would be a bad idea all around.
-0.5947 Not my bucket, but I wouldn't recommend that splitter or that strange bulb.
-0.5759 As a community we never recommend growing cannabis in high risk situations.
-0.5574 This is assuming you live in an illegal state/country.
-0.5499 Depends on some things, but it can lose more than 75% of its weight when it dries.
-0.5267 Looks female but its hard to tell, I think I see a calyx but no pistils.
-0.5106 I've bucket scrogged and I've failed a few times because I waited too much.
-0.4767 I've been working hard to fix annoying bugs, and I have most under control.
-0.3595 Art requires no explanation!
-0.296 I don't think we've seen that airflow configuration, I wonder if the exhaust of the UFO is enough for that tubing.
-0.2924 That is awesome fu man!!