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0.9349 Congrats on your great plant bucket success :)
0.9325 I love totes with 300w UFOs, this is a tried and true design. Hope you keep us posted with your garden, those veggies are great.
0.9318 And that lighting configuration is awesome. The plant seems to be doing great, it looks so happy.
0.9272 Very nice pepper bucket, hope you can show us some pics of the build too :) Keep us posted with your progress, we really like veggie grows here.
0.9244 I'm also very happy that you joined forces with /u/ruthgrace, she has been creating some amazing tutorials lately. I will add these new products to the Materials section of the website. Cheers!
0.9098 Congrats on your great success!
0.9062 I'd love to upload this bucket to the website :) The 300w and tote combo should work great, I don't think that that is the issue here.
0.882 Those peppers look really fresh, I'm sure /r/HotPeppers and /r/gardening would be interested in this too. Cheers!
0.8779 Congrats on your success :)
0.8777 I'm so happy that one of my scrogged plants got published :) Cheers
0.872 Yes, you can start right now or even earlier :) These plants love the LST, after a few tries you'll know exactly where to train and why.

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-0.6515 A 12/12 schedule is not needed :) Cheers from another continent!
-0.5994 It is called LST or Low Stress Training
-0.5897 No need for a filter with those plants, unless you don't enjoy the smell of basil.
-0.5414 Don't worry too much with negative pressure unless you are thinking about smell filtering.
-0.5093 I'm pepper jealous! How is the custom LED performing?
-0.4404 Maybe the stem is too weak for the massive plant?
-0.4215 If you give it some Nitrogen now you'll probably regret it later.
-0.3875 The plant will not care, I've topped at day 12.
-0.3612 Sounds too difficult really.
-0.3597 You should add more exhaust if you need to extract more hot air from the container.
-0.3412 CFL bulbs under the canopy are not safe.
-0.2732 When I started I used a hot knife to cut melt the plastic.