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0.92 Very nice bucket plant :) This is a great example of good training.
0.9184 Congratulations on your great success!
0.9042 Congrats on your great plant success.
0.9041 Glad we could help :) enjoy the fruits of your labor!
0.895 I'd love to submit this to the website, more images of the exterior would be very useful. Cheers
0.8932 You can keep expanding that post as you progress if you like :) Cheers!
0.8653 upgrading the current setup to a tote would be cheap and easy. Great plant though, very well trained!
0.8553 100% sure :) Lovely plant and bucket!
0.8516 Yes :) Have fun!
0.8264 Congrats on your success!!
0.8221 I'd love to upload this project to the website. Cheers!

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-0.7783 Training a plant that is planted directly in the main container is a pain in the ass.
-0.5499 Depends on some things, but it can lose more than 75% of its weight when it dries.
-0.5106 I've bucket scrogged and I've failed a few times because I waited too much.
-0.4753 Thanks Fu man!
-0.4303 We just don't judge species. Cheers!
-0.3595 Art requires no explanation!
-0.2714 Thats strange!
-0.2411 I'm not sure if determinate/indeterminate applies to those.
-0.1695 It may not look as nice as vinyl, but it will give you less headaches down the road.
-0.126 If you mean in the Bucket Search, I think the pagination is failing to appear at all . Cheers!
-0.1027 I prefer to be cautious in that aspect.
0.0 https://www.reddit.com/r/SpaceBuckets/comments/684qcg/new_slack_channel_for_space_buckets/