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0.9186 wow that is one sexy top on you gorgeous
0.9015 you are so sexy, and i can think of a few ways to help put that frisky energy to work ;)
0.886 that incredible smile and amazing tits are making us all feel great ;)
0.8779 wow that is an amazing cum covered smile
0.872 well id love to have some fun if you want
0.8714 mmm it looks amazing on you and those lips look like so much fun
0.8481 if he did he needs to share and should go right in your pretty little pussy if not give him the whole tour of your amazing body
0.8481 id love to be next you are gorgeous
0.8255 nice thick thighs, an amazing ass, and a mouth thats clearing very skilled, im sure the line to for next is miles long and well worth the wait.
0.8225 wow that was amazing.
0.8225 wow your body is amazing

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 id suck your titties then work my way down to your clit and lick it till your moan drove me crazy and i had to bend you over and fuck you like you deserve
-0.5574 have him watch as you gag and moan on my cock.
-0.5423 your ass is the club
-0.5423 mmm fill her ass up
-0.4215 ill be cumming soon
-0.4215 ill have to swing by and see if its open then
-0.296 how could he say no to that
-0.2183 has me so hard
-0.2023 o wow that must have been one hell of a night.
-0.2023 licking the shaft up and down while you look at him before you deep throat it and look only at me till i empty my load in your mouth
-0.1779 perfect tits to fuck
-0.1761 its working very hard