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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9081 love the nipple stud it looks amazing on those big sexy titties
0.891 :) love that sexy tail in you
0.872 ty sexy loving the pics
0.8703 enjoying them very much gorgeous ;)
0.8689 im glad you like what you do sexy ;)
0.8481 id love to gorgeous
0.8204 mmm so sexy and i love your moans.
0.8126 great ride and i loved your moans
0.802 amazing body sexy
0.802 mmm amazing body sexy
0.7845 id love to help her

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7845 id suck your titties then work my way down to your clit and lick it till your moan drove me crazy and i had to bend you over and fuck you like you deserve
-0.5994 i bet you have half the town hard as fuck
-0.5994 fuck you got me hard and waiting to take over for that toy
-0.5423 hold on to the towel rack as i fuck you harder and harder
-0.5153 such a sexy little fuck slut
-0.4973 how could they not gorgeous
-0.4404 slap that ass
-0.2183 it has me so hard
-0.2183 mm got me so hard
-0.2183 made me so hard
-0.1531 color but both make me hard
-0.1027 you made me hard