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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8519 im M but i hope you two find some fun tonight
0.8377 you look so good covered in cum id love to see you dripping from load after load
0.7964 thats good because i enjoyed using-i mean listening to it ;)
0.7717 well your keeping a lot of people happy with them ;)
0.7506 dripping off that beautiful smile
0.7003 you two look great and i love how she moans and talks dirty especially
0.7003 o i am gorgeous, even though id much rather be playing with you then because of you.
0.6908 mmm tell him thanks lol
0.6637 mmm such a pretty little pussy all ready to go
0.6597 yes, yes, and twice
0.6478 mmm so gorgeous.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 mmm fuck thats so hot.
-0.5423 mmm fuck that was so hot
-0.5423 mmm fuck thats hot.
-0.5423 mm fuck that would be hot.
-0.5423 mm fuck thats hot
-0.4951 mmm such a tight little ass
-0.4404 such a dirty little fuckslut.
-0.4215 ill give you two and tongue
-0.384 mmm those moans are amazing it would almost be a shame to muffle it with a spit roast but who could say no to that mouth
-0.3182 mmm make up for lost time and use it again and again
-0.3071 fuck i havent done one of these in a while but with that body i might have to
-0.2732 you really are going to drain every last drop from me arent you