/u/Dynamic_P0tato is slightly positive.

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0.9022 Congratulations on your results bud, it takes some serious determination and discipline to accomplish what you have :)
0.8622 Congrats man, good luck!
0.8591 Finding clothes that look nice AND fit easily is a lot easier now.
0.8519 Thanks for replying bud, you're a kind person :)
0.8096 God, that would be so awesome.
0.7783 Such lovely furbabies :)
0.7553 Enjoy them, they are very artistically written :)
0.7096 Though it wasn't her intention, she sacrificed herself to make sure they reached the Go-Sci Ring safely.
0.7088 A surprise to be sure, but a ~~welcome~~ bold one!
0.6971 Do not forget about our great Emperor.
0.6808 Improve your life using the time you've now freed up .

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8481 Permanently cut all contact with them, they're worthless abusive pieces of trash.
-0.8225 There isn't even a way to kill him AFAIK, Geralt could only banish him from his particular dimension.
-0.8074 If it were purely spiritual, Vader wouldn't have been as weakened from having his limbs cut off and nearly burning to death on Mustafar.
-0.7845 He was a massive piece of shit who abused his children.
-0.7845 Never actually wanted to kill them, no.
-0.7579 To defeat an enemy, you must know them.
-0.6901 I'm so sorry she said this to you - no child deserves ever having to hear their parents say this to them :(
-0.6808 If they use guilt trips to bleed money from her, they're flat-out bad people.
-0.6808 If your girlfriend is jealous of a *ten-year old*, then that warrants an immediate breakup and consequent blocking on all forms of media.
-0.6597 He is the Witcher universe's literal personification of evil.
-0.6361 They completely obliterate the knights.
-0.6124 Got no passions/ambitions aside from useless ones.