/u/Dynamic_P0tato is kind of a dick.

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0.8625 In any loving relationships both parties are supposed to benefit.
0.8271 I've gained some confidence from it too, and it's easier to make conversation with strangers now.
0.7964 According to him, I "have won" and "am enjoying my victory".
0.7712 You are a natural, your art is breathtakingly beautiful!
0.7704 Love can't be forced.
0.765 And through strength he would gain power..
0.7579 It may be improving, but OP has also stated that getting far away from her mother has made her feel healthier and happier.
0.7269 They do *NOT* get a free pass by virtue of being your blood-relatives.
0.7205 He didn't give a shit about your bodily autonomy and apparently your family and friends don't either.
0.7184 Why be a boring Jedi when you can be an awesome, yellow-eyed, lightning-spewing Sith Lord? "Bring strength to those that follow you...
0.7096 We're good now though :)

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-0.8809 How in the hell did she get away with this shit??
-0.8723 It's heartbreaking - not just watching the little ones suffer, but seeing the older ones turn into copies of their abusive shitstain parents.
-0.8718 Also, please don't let yourself be guilt-tripped - using suicidal thoughts as manipulation tools is highly abusive.
-0.8709 You do not owe them jack shit, especially if their problems are caused by their own incompetence.
-0.8519 Let me tell you, that is the single worst decision you could ever make in an abusive marriage with kids.
-0.8429 Christ, reading those texts nearly made me cry for Conrad - how in the fucking world can you be so cruel as to actively encourage someone to kill himself?
-0.7906 We can still destroy the enemy ~~core~~ gums
-0.7741 You don't think their love for their pet can be equal to your love for your child?
-0.7717 No, he's the one who gets killed by Caboose in season 1.
-0.7448 When we were little my sister and I had a fight and I was annoyed with her, so I resolved to scare the shit out of her by pretending to be dead after she hit me.
-0.729 Break up with this fucker.
-0.7003 Her life has been reduced to taking care of what is a crying shit factory, so any lifestyle that differs from hers triggers jealousy.