/u/Dynamic_P0tato is kind of a dick.

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0.836 Good luck with your journey :)
0.8176 If he wants you to stop doing something you love and helps you feel better about yourself, he's not the right guy for you.
0.8176 "Family" is not a status you automatically earn by being blood-related to someone - you earn it with love and trust.
0.765 It is truly a work of art, in the process of being perfected.
0.7351 https://open.spotify.com/album/2QHd6eVLhczZzH8BV61YSQ enjoy :)
0.7351 A surprise, to be sure, but a welcome one.
0.7184 You on the other hand have a fucking heart of gold, your daughter is lucky to have you as a mom.
0.7088 They'll be the architects of their own destruction." All hail Grand Admiral Thrawn!
0.6774 This is a support sub, why don't you just fuck off if you aren't capable of being supportive?
0.6597 He sounds like a sexual predator in the making, his wife and kids would be a 1000 times better off without this man in their lives.
0.6369 I love the way the sax and the piano were used, particularly during Mombasa streets.

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-0.8898 Sure, you'll take some losses right now, but it'll be *nothing* compared compared to the losses and likely abuse you would have taken if you didn't.
-0.8834 what a useless miserable fucker.
-0.8519 Depression is a horrible disease, saying that it's exaggerated marks a person as someone not to be taken seriously.
-0.8481 All those pieces of shit deserve to burn in hell for covering for someone who was manufacturing child porn.
-0.8225 I was constantly verbally abused by my father, while my sister could do no wrong.
-0.802 Star Wars: the Clone Wars.
-0.7717 She insulted you all the way through your journey and tried to sabotage you by offering you food while she knew you were dieting.
-0.7579 To defeat an enemy, you must know them.
-0.7531 No offense, but you should really ditch that way of thinking if you don't want life to *stay* hopeless.
-0.7269 Arcann then murders him in a fit of rage.
-0.7269 It does suck :( I'm sorry you had to live through that.
-0.7227 Sorry to say it, but your mother really is a piece of shit.