/u/Drewseph941 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8658 Thanks for sharing, gorgeous.
0.8591 Thank you for sharing, love.
0.8519 Thank you for sharing, gorgeous.
0.8519 Thank you for sharing with us, gorgeous.
0.8481 Thank you for sharing, beautiful.
0.8439 Wow absolutely gorgeous.
0.836 I love to watch a girl pleasure herself.
0.8255 I would love to see more of that pretty little pussy.
0.8225 Happy birthday you magnificent creature.
0.8176 Well hello there sexy :)
0.8122 Thanks, love!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5848 I'll give that ass all the attention of wants!
-0.5423 What a tasty looking fuck hole.
-0.5423 Or maybe your ass?
-0.5267 I am painfully intrigued.
-0.5095 Very jealous of those 2 gentlemen.
-0.4019 Mmmmm....so damn edible.
-0.3415 That's a fine little fuck hole you have there.
-0.3384 I work in a doctor's office during the day and get quite bored.
-0.3182 Damn that is a beautiful ass.
-0.3089 I couldn't possibly be interested in whatever is on tv.
-0.296 I would plow that pussy until she begged me to stop.
-0.296 Lucky bastards.