/u/Dred-Pirate-Wesley is very positive!

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0.91 Love to take my time enjoying every aspect of that beautiful body.
0.9022 What I do see is an amazing sexy ass that I'd take pleasure in kissing and spanking.
0.8908 This dad is very appreciative of your post and would love to have you over to thank you properly.
0.886 And then I'd love to kiss and massage those beauties
0.8658 Gladly spend some time pleasing that beautiful body of yours.
0.8225 Love those sexy lips and curls.
0.8225 Love to watch those sexy eyes staring up at me while I plaster your face in cum.
0.8126 Great video and congrats on stuffing that sexy ass.
0.802 Best of luck finding someone.
0.802 Wish I could join you two in some fun
0.7964 I know you'd wake up with me spooning you and at least one hand cupping one of those beautiful breasts of yours.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8316 That's a killer ass you have there.
-0.7096 The things I want to do to that ass will leave you dripping, sore and marked.
-0.631 I'd let you put them back on afterwards, but that might only be a selfish way to edge myself again before round two.
-0.6249 Worst case Pegging could go both ways.
-0.6249 That ass could have whatever cock it wanted.
-0.5423 Too bad you still have four to go n
-0.5423 You claim to have a small ass, I don't see it being small.
-0.5267 Always been a sucker for a proper corset.
-0.4973 Then we don't have to gorgeous.
-0.4767 You should have someone carrying a sign in front of you claiming "Dangerous Curves Ahead"
-0.1513 I'm so sorry to hear about that.
-0.0772 Mmmm I'm sure we can work out some sort of counseling method See if a reddened ass will make you stay on the straight and narrow.