/u/Donaldjohntrump2016 is a total dick!

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0.9088 Cosplay is very nice, great success.
0.8313 This guy is one of the best and most honest people i have ever seen on YouTube and it breaks my heart to see and hear the things he is going through.
0.8271 Good Good Good, let us counter-attacking.
0.8074 Thank God Trump is saving our jobs, if Hillary won she would have given our jobs to illegals and the Chinese.
0.7351 Using his last few hours to rule this nation like the communist dictators that he loves.
0.7003 That God that straight white men got saved this one.
0.6705 Honestly I like almost every species.
0.6597 Looks like a good pool repair man.
0.6486 It's hard to find one that I don't think would be fun to play.
0.6249 If they don't we'll have to cleanse them from our great land.
0.6249 A day without immigrants will be a great day indeed.

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-0.9393 These fake "Refugees" are stealing German tax dollars and killing and raping innocent people and the mainstream liberal media is silent.
-0.927 This evil man has been behind more terrorist attacks then bin laden.
-0.9227 So hypocritical, dumb liberals always crying about people being mean to commie obama saying "Respec him he duh President" now all they do insult Trump.
-0.907 Very true, so sick of idiot liberals trying to steal our tax dollars with fake studies designed to take away our jobs.
-0.8807 Their liberal terrorist organization has killed more Americans then ISIS.
-0.8779 CNN is just fake news and liberal propaganda, all of its reporters should be arrested for treason.
-0.872 The worst president in american history who sold out our nation to his friends and hates anyone who disagrees with his communist healthcare scam.
-0.8689 These refugees are killing white European people in the name of their evil ideology of Islam.
-0.8519 This is why the war on drugs is fucked.
-0.8363 more like communist, go back to woods hippie and stop trying to kill our coal with false climate scams.
-0.836 These people need to take their backwards evil religion and get the fuck out now.
-0.8126 It's obviously fake, the only evidence is biased studies designed to steal our tax dollars.