/u/DoctorLevi is kind of a dick.

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0.7845 ya i got the joke the first 100 times you commented that haha im a snake yes
0.7579 Also I'm pretty sure bpm plays a big part into it
0.7536 rage faces are unironically more funny than the majority of these, but its not hard to be funnier than a image that doesnt even have any humor in it.
0.75 Translation: Thanks Friend!
0.6705 Im pretty sure its probably real addiction in the cases you mentioned
0.6666 culture that we all know and most of us love if it was rapidly replaced by middle eastern culture?
0.6369 [TIL If you relax your fingers and stay calm then you can do anything] Im a rank 25k btw
0.608 Something being free isn't limited to just not costing money
0.5859 Yes they shouldn't be allowed as well
0.5859 triggered xd
0.5859 wow I'm famous

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-0.9565 No that's the cancer one full of shitty "upvote this post or _____ will happen" and other spammed to death shit.
-0.9161 I fucking hate weed, but to claim it actually causes harm comparable to any other drug is just stupid.
-0.8948 Oh Im sorry for getting it wrong, that makes Jons statement a whole lot worse. Wouldn't what he said about immigrants diluting the gene pool be more xenophobic than racist?
-0.891 I understand that there isnt any 100% proof to claim he is cheating, but to say "retards think azerite cheats" is stupid.
-0.7506 sorry i messed up title last time, also this map is retarded
-0.7101 I'm not saying its a good or bad strategy.
-0.6124 Yeah that's his ghost, he is still on reddit even after death
-0.5994 sorry for destroying your face Finn
-0.5859 wtf WWW #1 on a Mazzerin map, now I've seen everything
-0.5574 Not a fascist you dumbfuck
-0.4767 a broken clock is right twice a day
-0.4606 It's not like I used crack or heroin for it, calm down