/u/Dkpminus is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 If you think there should be less humans, go find the nearest tall building so we all can gain a greater fondness for gravity.
0.8381 He is definitely a conservative, but he pretty much just allows those who on the opposite political spectrum to have a place to share their views with a conservative market.
0.7964 I see globalists as having zero desire to help their own people, even thinning out the majority population to push their values on others.
0.7506 By the way, I like how you chose not to show all his posts about how much he loved Sanders...but then, that might make him seem a left wing extremist....and that would go against the narrative.
0.7506 This hero, who was shot at by the bomber, probably saved dozens of lives.
0.7469 Not only is the latter more likely to "catch more flies", but it makes the cooperation motivated by compassion instead of guilt.
0.7269 I wish you wisdom.
0.7264 While this is absolutely true, it looks as though it WAS politically motivated from his social media.
0.6705 Pretty sure that was an animality.
0.6597 But only against "the good guys like me".
0.6597 This grand sentiment that America is a land of immigrants does not make us the land of "anybody who crosses our borders becomes an honorary American".

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-0.9186 Starting violence makes you the bad guy. I understand your argument about wanting to stop bad people from gaining traction.
-0.8934 Just that when people say criticism of a religion equals racism is moronic.
-0.886 So this whole "you can't have speakers who advocate hate and violence" is a moot point...which, if he was advocating violence, I'd agree with you.
-0.8834 They actually charged a guy who was distracting a suicide bomber in a subway by yelling insults about Allah.
-0.8762 You? How about instead of making a list of the types of people you thing should be assaulted, we just agree that assaulting people is wrong? No?
-0.8658 As long as there are no petitions for violence, or other criminal activities, any organization should have a right to community and assembly.
-0.8658 A few names....against thousands of masked people violently assaulting anyone they disagree with.
-0.8591 Whether you are motivated by the voices in your head or a dead child raping "prophet", you are a crazy asshole.
-0.8555 Except raping a child is illegal.
-0.8519 If you make a website facilitating child rape, you are facilitating something illegal.
-0.8519 He not only did not break the law, but would have been guilty of criminal negligence had he done nothing.
-0.8503 So if killing Nazis is a-ok in your opinion, would killing other supremacists be alright as well?