/u/Dkpminus is kind of a dick.

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0.8465 And according to her it wasn't "nearly as bad as what some of her friends do"...as though that is some sort of excuse. Addicts only care about their next high, period.
0.8442 Tells everyone she is smarter than them, is a self proclaimed atheist, and makes fun of people of faith.
0.8201 We tried to push them open, but those things weigh like 100 lbs...which is near impossible for a kid to move while hanging on a ladder 15 above the sewer floor with only one hand to use.
0.7783 I'm sure that if this was a joke making fun of atheists, the upvotes would still be high....I'm certain...yeah...no.
0.7717 Doing something the fast or easy way takes all the joy away.
0.765 It promotes love of your fellow man.
0.7506 Well, as capitalism is pretty much everywhere, and he did it for personal gain and not to advance the ideology of capitalism, I'd say this was mass murder for monitory gain.
0.6997 One day my friend came over and wanted to show me something "really cool" he had found near the stream.
0.6933 But but but...my team is better than yours!!! Fucking tribals....
0.6705 Pretty sure that was an animality.
0.6658 Yeah...as someone who is not atheist, I can say that this lady is not only wrong, but has only to pop open her bible to find instances of rich people who do not believe in god.

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-0.8979 Hell, they are willing to use violence to stop people expressing their first and fourth amendments.
-0.886 So this whole "you can't have speakers who advocate hate and violence" is a moot point...which, if he was advocating violence, I'd agree with you.
-0.8658 When you have cancer, do you ask, how do I prevent getting more cancer?
-0.8591 You become the victim of assault with a deadly weapon the moment someone puts a gun in your face and says give me your money.
-0.8507 As someone who doesn't like either party, can I just ask you guys to grow up and stop all the tribalistic hate?
-0.8402 Lying under oath is bad no matter who does it, nor what the lie is about.
-0.8344 The whole, "I cry out in pain as I hit you" mentality of the left really needs to stop.
-0.8316 Apparently there is a shortage on gay hate, so this lady had to import her own fake stuff.
-0.8294 It was a four foot tall pipe entrance to the city sewers. At first I freaked the fuck out, but he shamed me into going.
-0.8271 This stupid "but his birth certificate/ Russia puppet shit" has got to stop.
-0.8176 Just....you are wrong, you ignorant idiot.
-0.802 It's pathetic and bad for humanity.