/u/DistantLover143 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.981 love the hand on hips pose, gorgeous breasts in view, super sexy selfie ^ Great to take in these inspiring views of you again ;-)
0.9747 Love those toned sexy thighs, beautiful breasts and kissable belly button ;-) Hope you have a lot of fun here, quite a first impression ^
0.9648 gorgeous body, fantastic excited nipples, love to see those bottoms slowly getting pulled down to reveal those stunning sexy hips.
0.9485 beautiful view of those awesome buns, love the sexy look over your shoulder.
0.9382 fantastic view of your sexy mid section, fantastic toned hips and beautiful breasts.
0.9342 The bubble look so good on your skin, those stunning hips, perfect breasts and beautiful ass are perfection.
0.9325 Your gorgeous hips, lovely cleavage and smooth sexy skin is soo nice to see again ^
0.9299 absolutely beautiful breasts, those excited hard nipples are sooo sexy to see ^ love the slightly pursed lips too.
0.926 love these fun flashes as you lift it up, turn around and show off those hot legs, sexy buns and stunning hips ^
0.9246 Super sexy design to it, great peek/tease ;-)
0.9236 WOW, stunning in those sexy hip hugging booty clinging bottoms.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6808 Sensual as hell.
-0.6114 ohhh no doubt you turned some heads in that gym!
-0.4019 everything about that view and scenario is damn HOT
-0.34 Crazy HOT Neon
-0.34 Crazy cool/sexy design to those bottoms
-0.296 Such a soft light glowing on your lower back.
-0.2942 damn, sooo fine!
-0.1531 Those legs are simply killer and the hot heels along with them is an excellent combination.
-0.1531 The view leaves hints of teases and reveals all over the place but lets the mind work overtime too.
-0.128 Wow, from every angle and every position, that ass is unstoppable Neon ^
-0.0644 So I'll answer with this ;-) All of the sudden Everything seemed to explode Now, I gaze out my window Down a lonesome road
-0.0553 her eyes are absolutely killer, great looks up at the camera.