/u/DistantLover143 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9601 Love the reach of the hand just out of the camera view, sexy bra strap sliding off your smooth sexy shoulder, gorgeous view of your full cleavage too.
0.9473 who needs a pool, I'm ready to dive into those pillows with you :-) Looks like a really cool, unique, super sexy suit on you.
0.9468 bright, beautiful, inviting and super sexy.
0.9403 Love the way the short sun dress gets hiked up and shows off your fantastic toned thighs, such a nice view of the awesome curve of your booty from the side too.
0.936 woooo, love that fun lil flash/peek at your cleavage and the warm sexy smile to go along with it ^
0.9287 hmmm fun lift of that shirt and gorgeous flash of those super sexy tits.
0.9286 ok, I'll be honest...I had to watch it three times until I really focused on those wonderful sexy lips and smile.
0.9231 They all highlight your nice toned curves and beautiful body perfectly.
0.9217 Love how that thongs splits those round amazing buns perfectly.
0.9169 well i can see why, that smile is simply sexy warm and gorgeous.
0.9158 ohhh YES, love the slow tease, the nice perfect roundness of your breasts and those hot hard/excited nipples.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 Killer hips and all.
-0.5949 never been so jealous of curtains before.
-0.5848 What a kick ass sultry outfit too!
-0.5836 Laser Tag never sounded so damn fun/naughty!
-0.4019 Damn you make a fella's mind wander....^
-0.3182 All of it is such a fun/hot tease.
-0.3164 Oh how I missed that fine ass ;P Looking better than ever!
-0.2942 The cleavage view will make a man forget how to walk!
-0.2263 damn, so hot seeing your fine booty all wrapped up tight, those ropes leaving imprints all over those hot cheeks.
-0.2023 That shot from the back, that booty looks unstoppable ^ Such a hot view seeing it get hiked up and your rocking naked body underneath.
-0.1779 that is seriously one STELLAR booty.
-0.0516 Poses leave a fella wanting more ^