/u/DistantLover143 is very positive!

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0.9571 Love those buns and such a fun shot outdoors , beautiful sexy kissable lips too.
0.9546 a great buy but yessss it looks so good slipping off your sexy smooth shoulders and sliding down to show off your gorgeous tits.
0.9493 Those shorts hugging those fantastic thighs and toned hips beautifully, love how the shirt hangs just below for the perfect tease.
0.9386 Amazing set up, STUNNING shot cupping your gorgeous breast & those smooth sexy thighs look stellar.
0.9349 stunning view of your toned gorgeous body, love the knees crossed pose and those alluring sexy hips.
0.9325 *raises....uh...hand* ;-) you look amazing in that bra, beautiful cleavage and such a nice view of your smile.
0.9261 the words easily came to mind with such a sexy pic like this :-) Very welcome!
0.926 perfect shape, perfect angle, perfect excited nipples.
0.9231 Leather corset, bright sunlight just below your fantastic cleavage, sexy warm smile and some pearls clinging to your neck.
0.9169 wow, what a view from the back, love that gorgeous ass up in the air and the curve of your sexy back.
0.9118 love the way the silky robe falls off your shoulders, gorgeous view of your sexy breasts, leg up showing those thigh high stockings too.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7345 Those pesky areolas, always stealing the spotlight from the belly buttons!
-0.6947 No, not curious at all *nose starts to grow insanely fast* oh wait.....that's not my nose :P
-0.6124 damn, what a smokin' hot tease.
-0.5538 Hot damn!!!
-0.541 That last pic is so damn naughty and niiice ^
-0.4939 ohhh talk about morning WOOD, wow now that beats the hell out of any alarm clock.
-0.4314 oh man, I missed a workout/yoga pants set from you?!?
-0.34 Crazy hot view ^
-0.34 Crazy hot view from the back ^
-0.296 just catching UP on this series, missed it first time around.
-0.2942 wooo my, those tits are looking stellar!
-0.2263 no no, thank YOU.