/u/Diskobeep85 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9394 Marvelous sweet shaped little cute butt!! I definitely wanna touch and play if i could!!
0.9384 Mmmmmmm Very nice! Sexy cute body! Beautiful lingerie. Cant wait to see more
0.9245 Hi! I have enough space in my bed for both of us. Lets spend some time together I'm gentle friendly respectful You're gorgeous Cabt wait to see more of you
0.9057 Mmmmmm Yes pleaSe come as much as you like!!! Marvelous
0.895 Oooolala you look amazing with those shoes and stockings :)) Very cute sexy
0.8932 Wauw wauw wauw. You're gorgeous Cute sexy! I would date you right away, if i could
0.8932 Wooohoo glad to hear! You're gorgeous Sexy and seductive looking body
0.875 You have a nice sexy body and look amazing in that dress
0.865 Amazing!!! Gorgeous
0.8614 Hi! Welcome! I hope to see more of these kind of naughty seductive posts!! I like What i see
0.8588 I would love to see How you look irl, You're looking gorgeous on photo!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7424 Ill eat that cute ass till you scream and cum!
-0.3612 I would love to eat you till you get mad horny before i fuck your pussy
-0.3595 No ma'am absolutely not!
-0.34 This gets me on fire
-0.2732 Mmmm your cock looks tasty and ready to get sucked
-0.1531 My cock gone wild when seeing this
-0.0772 That ass is Adorable
-0.0258 Ill help you with that
0.0 You're hot!!
0.0 Mmmmmm Very seductive
0.0 Hot fishnets
0.0 I wouldn't dare to