/u/DiscoHeaven is kind of a dick.

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0.8176 Wow that drumstick is fuckin perfect.
0.6988 I love it!!
0.5777 How are they so good at breaking glass?
0.5093 My girlfriend saw this and said "Cute!" I asked her what was cute about it and she said "just the name of the street."
0.3875 Don't be a cunt.
0.3612 It looks like a new iMac on the left and a 1980s Macintosh on the right
0.3612 Like which ones?
0.3612 I like that he mentions feet too
0.3182 I wish my freezing coworkers dressed so skimpily.
0.3182 Please elaborate
0.296 Can you explain the joke?

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-0.8936 Isn't this a bit like murdering someone to catch a killer?
-0.7096 I don't know why, but doing wacky shit with industrial machinery is a white person thing
-0.7003 Holy balls, this is the dumbest and most pixelated piece of shit I've seen on r/pics in well over ten hours
-0.6808 What the hell time zone are you in?
-0.6671 This is dumb, you don't wanna discourage him from tweeting stuff that makes him look bad
-0.6597 And white people wore a lot of oversized white tshirts with Tweety bird and/or the Tasmanian Devil on them, too.
-0.6486 You fucker, how'd you get it already?
-0.5574 But a lot of them will ban you instead of explaining the rules.
-0.5574 My friend's wedding this Saturday in South Carolina was canceled and everyone's bought tickets and paid caterers and shit
-0.5574 Put that shit on r/crappydesign
-0.5563 Is this a reference to something specific, or just a really dumb thing to do?
-0.5423 What the fuck was up with that.