/u/DieKillary is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 Meanwhile they pass the shit with ease.
0.7717 I love people like you in my leagues.
0.7484 You Hillary supporters know so much better!
0.7371 I love him, but this play should have been all about Carr
0.6943 After committing 23 penalties and winning, I'll never blame the refs again.
0.6369 Trend magazine, writing a paragraph with one source cited, exposeaway.com OP, I'm sure you could have found a better source of information than this.
0.6369 Out in the open in love with her.
0.5719 Raiders had 23 penalties in a game and still won.
0.5256 We're so impressed with how hipster you are, you're soooo non conformist woahhh
0.4449 That's just because you don't know jack shit about what you're talking about.
0.4404 The Raiders are the better team

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-0.9312 Stop spreading misinformation faggot and fucking kill yourself.
-0.8928 Suck a dick you fucking liberal faggots
-0.8591 Karl gets raped to death
-0.836 Shut the fuck up faggot
-0.8225 God are you nerds ever gonna stop with this lame ass played out shit
-0.7964 Fuck that shit.
-0.7783 You couldn't be more right, but too many simple, and I mean SIMPLE minded people are incapable of seeing this and will disagree.
-0.7717 Reddit is liberal and biased as hell.
-0.7409 They're mad corrupt Hillary didn't win.
-0.7328 What a fucking nerd loser
-0.7264 I love that there's a censorship at first to keep all the nerd faggots from fucking shit up
-0.7227 Much of that was due to Kiper and his dumb ass hyping up people because he knows nothing about football, but man that was the low point for me.