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0.7709 I don't know why but I feel like amphetamine was involved in this adventure somewhere.
0.7527 It will be a miracle if she doesn't have brain damage after being without a pulse for 30 minutes.
0.7506 Her colleagues saved tissue samples and tested them positive for HIV once the virus was known about.
0.7003 I have had some life affirming experiences on LSD that honestly probably saved my life at the time.
0.7003 Win or lose Wentz has won me over tonight.
0.6945 30 grand for 30 days in a rehab with a 5 percent success rate shouldn't be acceptable to anyone yet that's the norm.
0.6597 I feel like Biden would have been a better candidate then Clinton against trump just from a charisma standpoint.
0.6369 Its gonna be a good time to be an eagles fan
0.6369 Is that freedom?
0.6249 I think it's a great idea.
0.624 Obama is about to finish his 2nd very successful term.

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-0.8779 Where I live we have NPR which leans fairly liberal and 4 right wing lunatic stations spewing hate and fear.
-0.875 I got dropped by my bitch ass therapist so I am between doctors right now which has put me in trouble at the mmt clinic cause I am physically dependent on benzos from the shrink writing kpin.
-0.8442 She should have cut Huma Abedin loose when the Anthony Weiner scandal broke.
-0.8402 Sexual abuse from a young age caused my slide to addiction and ruin.
-0.836 that's a shit ton of serial killers.
-0.8304 If it was just my decision I would kill myself but I don't want to be more selfish then I have already been.
-0.8176 Nah been diagnosed with PTSD, Depression, Generalized anxiety disorder.
-0.8126 The pain always comes at the worst possible times.
-0.7964 Maybe the dude really did get in with some bad people and shit went south.
-0.7845 Donald has screwed up as well he just did it in the private world of business where no one gave a shit.
-0.7845 Depression and anxiety are diseases based on brain chemicals and being moody as a teen is a result of hormones.
-0.7783 I suffered pretty severe abuse though.