/u/Deemaunik is kind of a dick.

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0.8807 I love how easily beard-man slid into the adoring stare.
0.872 He is the hope of this state and of this country." Take your favorite myth and super hero and shove it up your ass.
0.7964 In the immortal words of Herger the Joyous from The 13th Warrior... "It's alright little brother.
0.743 None of us who support Bernie ever said we want it free.
0.6597 Erik has volunteers who have offered to help connect him with resources to help him heal.
0.6369 But according to IRS filings submitted by the Eric Trump Foundation, more than $500,000 went to other charities, several of which had ties to Trump family businesses or interests. Shady.
0.6369 Would love to talk to you about Jesus.
0.6124 With foreplay like that, I'd wrap her legs around my neck and wear her like a feedbag.
0.6041 Little kids are straight up douchebags and we're supposed to act like it's fine.
0.5994 Short story: Yes. Long story: Yeah.
0.5859 If you would like to get to know him, [if] you're listening at home, [or] here in this room, please email me, call me.

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-0.8919 I can get the vibe from either side but when you're on a lunch break, waiting for nine people to go through the motions ahead of you is kind of a pain in the ass.
-0.8479 Was that because she realized her boyfriend is a murderer or because she's realized she's a fucking idiot?
-0.8074 Every damn time, they managed to hide an angle in plain sight where you waltz back out, no problem.
-0.7635 I live in Hawaii, and I'm not entirely sure if our lionfish problem is a problem or not.
-0.7328 I've had more difficult shits than that.
-0.7177 Mass murder in the middle of the city!
-0.6908 Nah, dead inside.
-0.6808 Erik has no criminal history.
-0.6597 Jude Childrens Research Hospital, a leading pediatric cancer center in Memphis, Tennessee.
-0.6597 I hope he cried like a bitch with that arrogance.
-0.6597 It slid to the back and fucked up his weight distribution.
-0.6486 It's a dead body, it's not a monster.