/u/Deemaunik is kind of a dick.

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0.7717 I'm honestly overjoyed on a day to day basis.
0.7644 It's just like WoW Arenas!
0.7096 Sounds like Jim Justice needs to be served some... Repercussions.
0.6494 What has to happen to a person to think "this is totally justified, fuck that old lady." Classy, unbelievably classy.
0.6124 With foreplay like that, I'd wrap her legs around my neck and wear her like a feedbag.
0.5719 The epitome of everything we hate in the Red party is emblazoned like a badge of honor upon this false coiffed dolt.
0.5719 This would be perfect for specific scenarios.
0.5719 He's celebrating.
0.5719 Nintendogs got a perfect score?
0.5106 I have to admit, I generally deagled people like you.
0.4939 Pretty fuckin' agile for a big guy.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8479 Was that because she realized her boyfriend is a murderer or because she's realized she's a fucking idiot?
-0.8323 He'll announce the most outlandish shit, like Obama care is the worst thing to happen to America since slavery?
-0.8074 Every damn time, they managed to hide an angle in plain sight where you waltz back out, no problem.
-0.7964 Is this just opportunistic character assassination and a sign of the times, or is the broken clock right once?
-0.7805 Fuck lost, there's nothing innocent or inept about this, he's the fifth tequila sneaking in the rest of the bottle.
-0.7635 I live in Hawaii, and I'm not entirely sure if our lionfish problem is a problem or not.
-0.7579 He barks open racism, war crimes, flaunts like Qadaffi and the Kims with a hair style as absurd as both.
-0.7574 Warning, extreme fire hazard. I know, let's shoot it in a dry forest!
-0.7177 Mass murder in the middle of the city!
-0.6908 Nah, dead inside.
-0.6908 He's got all of Alex Jones' paranoia, Glenn Beck's insanity, Bill O' Reilly's moral highground, and Rush Limbaugh's charisma.
-0.6808 I never know what the hell he's going to do next.