/u/Deemaunik is kind of a dick.

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0.7644 It's just like WoW Arenas!
0.743 None of us who support Bernie ever said we want it free.
0.7096 Sounds like Jim Justice needs to be served some... Repercussions.
0.6494 What has to happen to a person to think "this is totally justified, fuck that old lady." Classy, unbelievably classy.
0.6124 With foreplay like that, I'd wrap her legs around my neck and wear her like a feedbag.
0.5994 Short story: Yes. Long story: Yeah.
0.5719 He's celebrating.
0.5719 Nintendogs got a perfect score?
0.5367 Old people are so fuckin' unintentionally adorable.
0.5106 I have to admit, I generally deagled people like you.
0.4939 Pretty fuckin' agile for a big guy.

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-0.8479 Was that because she realized her boyfriend is a murderer or because she's realized she's a fucking idiot?
-0.8074 Every damn time, they managed to hide an angle in plain sight where you waltz back out, no problem.
-0.7805 Fuck lost, there's nothing innocent or inept about this, he's the fifth tequila sneaking in the rest of the bottle.
-0.7635 I live in Hawaii, and I'm not entirely sure if our lionfish problem is a problem or not.
-0.7177 Mass murder in the middle of the city!
-0.6908 Nah, dead inside.
-0.6908 He's got all of Alex Jones' paranoia, Glenn Beck's insanity, Bill O' Reilly's moral highground, and Rush Limbaugh's charisma.
-0.6597 I hope he cried like a bitch with that arrogance.
-0.6597 It slid to the back and fucked up his weight distribution.
-0.6486 "The civilian dead included an eight-year-old girl, Nawar al-Awlaki, according to her family, who may have been an US citizen." ...
-0.6428 I'm too high for this shit.
-0.6312 "Lost?" Fuck that, LOST?!