/u/DeathBeforeOrdinary is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9081 Thanks for sharing, happy to confirm it looks cute.
0.8519 Definitely like it and hope you share more.
0.8271 The perfect amount of gorgeous
0.8225 I love you enjoying yourself.
0.7717 Love women like you.
0.7712 Enjoy what you enjoy!
0.765 Happy birthday to you and thanks for making my day.
0.7645 Love 35..it's treating you very well
0.7579 Should fade nicely to a rich tan.
0.7506 Yes, perfect.
0.743 Feeling good and looking good.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5719 Hate to see you go.
-0.5719 No, it would only confirm my suspicions.
-0.5423 I consider myself an ass man and yours is spectacular.
-0.5122 You have no reason not to like it.
-0.3182 I could get lost in fantasy looking at that pic.
-0.25 Who left you alone?
0.0 That would get me home instantly
0.0 You set quite a standard with post one.
0.0 30+ for real?
0.0 So intriguing
0.0 If only....
0.0 Just the pic I needed right now.