/u/Darkflameshadowninja is kind of a dick.

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0.9042 Just win the early game there is no comeback mechanics by this time so if you win the early game there is high chance you will win in this patch than current patch.
0.9024 Got reported for supporting so stopped supporting and this is best positive post seen in a while about Europe West/East server
0.886 But why do these players play support hero and not support the team?
0.8331 So either I go KS Carry Support or DON'T BUY SUPPORT ITEMS AND AFK LANE and do my support with only skills or GO RAMBO.
0.8091 Jungle shut down by two invis hero, Mid already raging EZ MID , Support is Afk or messing with courier , No T2 tower at top what can i do now as terrorblade ty.
0.807 Nah Finally , pubs realize true potential of void and with good team and communication in game it's Ez win for sure unless the void is very bad and can't chrono well
0.743 Mute button exist for silence and report exist for assholes and trolls but if whole team needs reports get give up and hope you get better game next time.
0.7184 Then my physics teacher won't teach us DOTA 2 Pretty much our school have lots of dota 2 and lol players
0.7184 I Owe can be pronounced as IO you my friend Nice
0.7034 I got a GREAT SUGGESTION CHANGE IO colour to something else with all spells having different animations and colour style with obvious sound acting
0.7003 Dear players there is a reason for gg wp before the first horn sounds due to many reasons which is too long to state.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.9161 Got used to this depression got worse depression to face.
-0.8941 This is my pub and ranked games with feeders, griefers, trollers, manipulators of events, toxic shit posters about everything, mIC ABUSERS, even threats about my life.
-0.836 I just recently climbed 1k to 2k to climb this hell spam troll and always counter pick enemy hero.
-0.824 Playing IO tether global ult to enemy fountain and EVERY TERRIBLE THING you can't imagine to get you 100% to low prio.
-0.8225 Humans are assholes some want to be serious some are assholes and majority of humans in dota are.
-0.8074 And those smurfs and account boosters are enemy ffs.
-0.8004 That game was really horrible terrible stats on both team
-0.7976 Action aspects are near to mini map only complaint of this hud is that kill feed should be transparent to the background so it's easier to see missing details blocked by the black background.
-0.7906 Try to make both your team and enemy your enemy.
-0.7906 Problem is people are assholes when they get opportunities and they make it worse themselves.
-0.7579 Od steals the rational mind of enemies inside the imprisonment.
-0.743 Mjollnir is the new farming item instead of battle fury.