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0.763 That didn't result in one of his most loyal supporters being thrown to the wolves.
0.743 I hope President of Human Kind Trump will come out of that room still a man after this onslaught of cuckness.
0.7184 This has been like the 5th award show this year already.
0.7184 As long as Trump remains safe let these idiots keep attempting to overthrow our government it just makes Trumps approval go up.
0.7022 Also isn't it racist for Democrats to assume that only Hispanics are capable of working the fields for slave wages?
0.7003 Why is important stuff like this never on the front page for days like it should be?
0.6808 Top replacement is an establishment Vice Admiral Reince made his move picking off the loyalist
0.6656 Trump: "Hey Merkel remember WW2, you better not attack"
0.6549 This just showed them Trump can bleed they have now verified that they can with enough pressure knock out even the most loyal Trump supporters in his administration.
0.6486 This is beautiful two strong men taking questions from the weak press.
0.6435 Don't worry bitch the media and liberals don't care about spending so don't worry yourselves.

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-0.9167 We're such douche bags we go to restaurants to just hatch more evil cuck plans and not to eat and hatch evil cuck plans.
-0.8707 I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy
-0.8689 Yeah unfortunately Sasse is a bitch who tries to undermine Trump constantly by talking shit about him on all the cable networks.
-0.8689 Proof they'll go to the gates of hell for Bernie no matter how wrong he is.
-0.8594 WW2 was a FAILURE people died!!!
-0.8317 Ever wonder why BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST INFOWARS.COM!!!!?
-0.8074 Trump should of just told the bullshit con artist media to fuck off.
-0.7845 They will dig stupid shit up and try to get Trump loyalist to resign one by one.
-0.765 Yeah they waged war in the past now they wage a war of genocide against their own populations.
-0.743 Keith Olberman is crying right now saying how hateful that speech was.