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0.9132 Trump barely won this district so amazing that she won by more and the Dimorats are still trying to spin it.
0.8271 They will also highlight the part where Trump says he expects loyalty and spin it to make it look like it's totally normal for a President to want a complete hack in charge of the FBI.
0.802 We must primary and beat these GOP cuck globalist if we ever dream of having a truly free country.
0.7482 I love this fucking timeline!!!!!!!
0.7003 Only good news about McCain is he is old enough to kick the bucket soon and the world will be a better place.
0.6801 They'll be the livestock that walks around in the background to give the play a more lively feel.
0.6597 Like CNN's website right now has a Breaking News bar saying Trump asked for loyalty followed by awkward silence.
0.6369 They then have the nerve the other day to say we'd love to hear what the President wants to do with Veteran Affairs, infrastructure, and healthcare.
0.6369 Greatest underdog story in American political history.
0.6124 No because I take my Super Male Vitality.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8761 Such bullshit these cunts just try to make Comey look like a little boy being bullied by meany Trump
-0.8591 Breaking: McCain quotes a anti American terrorist publication in his quest to continue a witch hunt against the democratically elected President of the USA 6 months into his first term.
-0.8402 All it takes is one execution and these treasonous fucks would stop leaking.
-0.8226 So the guy who FBI agents hate just said no they don't trust me
-0.8074 All these wannabe tough guys if given the chance don't have it in them to kill a lizard let alone a child no matter who they grow up to be.
-0.765 Stupid cunt won't even Mike Rogers talk because it goes against her narrative.
-0.7579 Sessions: Therefore Kamala Harris can suck the biggest dick and hopefully chokes on it.
-0.7506 Dumbfuck city primary voters once again vote for the establishment globalist cunts and then whine that nothing gets done.
-0.6973 TAKE THIS SHIT DOWN!!!!!!!!
-0.6908 My ass these committees aren't full of partisan hacks that could give a fuck about the truth.
-0.6908 According to those dumbfucks Julian Assange is a terrorist because all he does is publish leaks.
-0.6486 That's just the dead voter count.