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0.8286 LOL I love the Trump timeline.
0.7949 Good to know true conservatives are on the same team as totally not mentally unstable Nancy Pelosi.
0.7579 But...but Trump won by 29% during a presidential election year that would decide the fate of the United States.
0.7556 Guys we only lost by 8% in a special election with expected turnout we are winning Drumpf is collapsing his party REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
0.7286 Member the good old days when you were allowed to breathe while being white and not being racist I don't member.
0.7184 As long as Trump remains safe let these idiots keep attempting to overthrow our government it just makes Trumps approval go up.
0.7003 Why is important stuff like this never on the front page for days like it should be?
0.6908 Good to know that true conservatives only know how to oppose and not actually govern.
0.6656 Trump: "Hey Merkel remember WW2, you better not attack"
0.6487 If he falls for a trap so easily and surrounds himself with globalist neocon shills is he really better than Jeb!?
0.6486 This is beautiful two strong men taking questions from the weak press.

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-0.9456 This is just a bullshit distraction the Deep State wants so we can get involved in more war while ignoring our domestic problems.
-0.875 They then will label everything they dislike hate speech, therefore banning everything they hate.
-0.8689 Yeah unfortunately Sasse is a bitch who tries to undermine Trump constantly by talking shit about him on all the cable networks.
-0.836 They will say let's have free speech but hate speech is banned.
-0.8317 Ever wonder why BILL CLINTON IS A RAPIST INFOWARS.COM!!!!?
-0.765 Yeah they waged war in the past now they wage a war of genocide against their own populations.
-0.743 Bullshit they said he is currently in Italy on vacation while his lawyers are fighting the globalist Murdochs back in the US.
-0.743 Keith Olberman is crying right now saying how hateful that speech was.
-0.7003 They never had a movement it was just an obnoxious tantrum.
-0.6908 Trump has busted his ass and the Establishment shills continue to try and derail him.