/u/DankPeterson is kind of a dick.

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0.7579 But...but Trump won by 29% during a presidential election year that would decide the fate of the United States.
0.7556 Guys we only lost by 8% in a special election with expected turnout we are winning Drumpf is collapsing his party REEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
0.7286 Member the good old days when you were allowed to breathe while being white and not being racist I don't member.
0.7096 It had some libtard bent, but overall I thought it was fantastic and did a decent job showing how Roger is the puppet master of the world always 10 steps ahead of everyone.
0.6681 Pepe can't die for a god can't die.
0.6597 It's going to be a good comedy show for the foreseeable future in Franceistan.
0.6478 Yeah, he's so powerful he can troll and MAGA at the same time.
0.6369 The best would be appoint Garland to be FBI Director get him confirmed and to step down from his lifetime appointment to the DC court.
0.5859 Triggered cucks think they can win by downvoting.
0.5719 Trump won it by about 1.5%
0.5187 Roger also said McMaster is the leaker and he used this leak to act like a hero saving Trump.

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-0.9349 Terrorist want to be called monsters you know why because monsters are scary losers are not scary.
-0.8555 Libtards have to attempt and kill everything they hate.
-0.7964 Bill Oreilly said last week to expect this week Intelligence officials to leak shit out on Trump because they're pissed about Comey.
-0.7906 "Why cancer is preferable to the flu" - CNN
-0.7814 So how many times is this prick and Dina Powell going to undermine Trump until he crushes them?
-0.7787 Mike Lee as one of the little bitches trying to steal delegates for Trump during the convention.
-0.743 Bullshit they said he is currently in Italy on vacation while his lawyers are fighting the globalist Murdochs back in the US.
-0.7073 That's why the mere fact that bitch lost and the whining that followed makes all this worth it.
-0.7003 Trump needs to go total war scorched earth just like he did when they released that stupid Access Hollywood tape.
-0.7003 They never had a movement it was just an obnoxious tantrum.
-0.6908 The Dimorats need to be labeled a terrorist organization.
-0.6908 These terrorist are so predictable.