/u/Danielkryschek is kind of a dick.

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0.6705 You guys actually took my side and up voted and spoke the truth when I came out with honesty in that nut balls post.
0.6369 You restored some of this NCO'S faith in the air force.
0.6249 You wanna make yourself look awesome for your shirt or commander - you won't.
0.6124 He definitely did provide you with all the proof someone with a brain would need to decide if he was posting an original photo.
0.5888 Almost seemed like the others were relieved when he took necessary action.
0.5574 Thank God it is finally happening.
0.5106 Yea I definitley just drive my airman home and make sure they are alright after shift.
0.4939 I am being fed a perfectly prepared steak with bacon as I dominate the final boss on world of warcraft whilst shooting my gun into the air.
0.4767 You sir, are either young or a troll with 0 friends.
0.4588 She got what she deserved honestly.
0.4588 Best to just stop brother.

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-0.8271 No one is replying to this for fear of killing tweenagers by giving them a valid scientific excuse to play the choking game.
-0.7906 Illegal immigrants with criminal records need to go.
-0.765 Actually the queen was the weakest piece on the board until queen Isabel of castille questioned her advisors on why the queen was soo weak.
-0.7469 You cause everyone more headache by doing all this crazy shit.
-0.6808 I find your lack of IQ disturbing.
-0.6808 Stop being stupid.
-0.6705 The original FB source posts of the video all describe a sexual assault handled with a beating by older brother/friend of older brother.
-0.6486 Apollo 13 launch. Deathstar destroyed in a New Hope. Wallace betrayed when he removes the helmet in Braveheart.
-0.6428 C'mon mods remove this shit.
-0.6249 Your insensitivity and lack of general IQ has been noted.
-0.6249 If you are referring to HER level of violence.
-0.6124 You cannot be this stupid.