/u/Danielkryschek is kind of a dick.

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0.7096 He said he wanted to show how Luke was "angry" that his friends were captive and it was the initial showing of what yoda said was true.
0.6705 You guys actually took my side and up voted and spoke the truth when I came out with honesty in that nut balls post.
0.6705 That video is pretty lacking because I am sure they can't release all info.
0.6369 You restored some of this NCO'S faith in the air force.
0.6249 You wanna make yourself look awesome for your shirt or commander - you won't.
0.6124 He definitely did provide you with all the proof someone with a brain would need to decide if he was posting an original photo.
0.5888 Almost seemed like the others were relieved when he took necessary action.
0.5106 Yea I definitley just drive my airman home and make sure they are alright after shift.
0.4767 You sir, are either young or a troll with 0 friends.
0.4767 Or it was her friends.
0.4588 She got what she deserved honestly.

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-0.8885 Tons of people are calling him a sick freak for sleeping with his nephew's ex and a murdering asshole.
-0.836 They may have tried to step up the threatening and accidently killed her.
-0.8074 Hatred overwhelms him and it is only then he defeats his father.
-0.7845 Anger, fear, agression.
-0.765 Actually the queen was the weakest piece on the board until queen Isabel of castille questioned her advisors on why the queen was soo weak.
-0.7469 You cause everyone more headache by doing all this crazy shit.
-0.7436 It's so cool to watch him lose his shit and finally overpower Anakin when he threatens his sister.
-0.743 She was told by her girlfriends to cut it out and they threatened her to stop with the contacting.
-0.6705 I think that her ex figured out she was sleeping with his uncle and flipped and killed her.
-0.6249 If you are referring to HER level of violence.
-0.5574 Fuckin holyer than thou shitheads.
-0.5423 She was also harassing another girl's boyfriend with a large amount of texts.