/u/Dangerdanedk is very positive!

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0.9498 Welcome back, I love all your pictures and can't wait too see more of that gorgeous sexy body of yours ;)
0.936 And thanks for sharing all those lovely beautiful pictures of yourself ;)
0.9118 She is gorgeous and beautiful, I would love to join her in some fooling around on the bed ;).
0.9042 Such a sexy lovely and gorgeous girl.
0.9022 Thanks for sharing this lovely view ;)
0.8934 You look gorgeous and I love you smile.
0.8779 Love the shaved gorgeous pussy ;)
0.872 Such a lovely juicy pussy, I would love to put my face up to that view and eat you out ;)
0.8658 You look gorgeous and sexy, please do keep posting.
0.8655 And its perfectly fine that you post here because I would like to see more ;)
0.861 You always manage to be amazingly gorgeous and sexy or flirty in all of your shots.

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-0.5719 I hate when that happens.
-0.3612 Me and my girl are having 2-3 girls we are trying to meet up with and the scheduling, is a mess
-0.34 Where is the video or pictures :/
0.0 Who is she and does anyone have more pictures?
0.0 Yea got more of her?
0.0 I cant' wait to see more of you
0.0 She looks hot, is there more with her.
0.0 Porn star then I take it
0.0 Who is she?
0.0 I have a soft spot for Aussie girls ;).
0.0 Can't wait to see more
0.0 Oh I plan to ;).