/u/Damnfiddles is a total dick!

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0.8705 to exploit gun talents but my main reason is I have no interest in capturing bases I would play a real free for all PvP mode not something I can already do in the DZ
0.8091 removing XP penalties turned me into filth compassion, pity, honor - all gone
0.7346 you're contribuing in the cancellation of every DLCs that take thousands of hours to make cause silly cosmetics/emotes are more profitable that's what you're supporting
0.7096 it's a year I say that place deserves more than a side mission good luck
0.6908 nice thanks, that's it
0.6705 oh don't watch that, he doesn't consider handling it's like massive balancing the game just watching numbers on a screen.... also talents from guns and gear change radically guns output
0.6249 lol, GS increase was planned even with last stand then things changed
0.6249 their idea of special event is giving away 50% extra trash
0.5994 [such a good boy, useless but still a good boy]
0.5423 just Midas and Caduceus are worth it if you like their talent all the others are not worth it /a pile of smoking shit
0.4404 everything is too easy

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-0.9366 I kill in 2 seconds from 70m, there's nothing you can do to counter an attack from nowhere like that sometimes the 3rd and 4th are able to run away but victims 1 and 2 are always dead
-0.9357 no, the historian with deadeye is really bad losing 19% chd and the 25% of the base damage is not worth that delayed exotic damage
-0.9201 kill 50 filth in the DZ 15 minutes complete 10 boring pve missions 2 hours and you cry cause you are forced in the DZ
-0.9118 I kill non-hostiles and steal their keys, there's nothing else to do rogues are rare and far away and NPCs are pathetic
-0.9042 I hate it, too empty and dead I liked the risk, now it's a wasteland and the removed penalties made me 100% scum my anti-rogues tactics vs poor non-hostiles and I feel nothing
-0.8978 got 30 keys from those misereble fuckers that managed to die even cheating stopped playing soon after cause the DZ is an empty wasteland not for the cheaters
-0.8591 they suck exotics are shit, all of them DZ is a wasteland DLCs abandoned Last Stand not PvP there's not PvP even paying guns still unbalanced of course this place is toxic
-0.836 updates every 4-5 months greedy ubisoft & incompetent massive can fuck off with those blueprints
-0.7906 get the fuck out cheater
-0.7845 target extractions if there are no rogues to kill
-0.7747 kill non-hostiles, it's the only way to risk something they removed XP penalties so you're forced
-0.7722 I don't think so, I'm killing non hostiles instead of rogues I was too good for that, now I don't care