/u/Daddyloveslg is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9246 ;) Lovely as always, thanks for sharing :)
0.8748 Gorgeous, thanks for sharing!
0.872 Thanks for sharing, love your other posts.
0.872 Thanks again for sharing, always love seeing your new stuff
0.8687 Definitely one of my favorites here, you are gorgeous!
0.8687 Lovely, thanks for sharing!
0.8687 Lovely as always, thanks for sharing!
0.8591 You're amazing, thanks for sharing
0.8553 Easily the best thing I've seen all day, thank you!
0.8481 Gorgeous as always, love those eyes.
0.8431 Very nice, thanks for sharing

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7906 Fuck your ass, you shall.
-0.6908 Ignore the haters.
-0.6908 Write "Reddit's Cum Slut" across your tits and take a pic fully nude in the most public plave you dare.
-0.6597 Just begging to get fucked over that rail.
-0.5423 O fuck off.
-0.5423 Down vote and move the fuck on.
-0.5095 I'm so jealous of your neighbors.
-0.4767 That's a shame
-0.4404 I could suck on those all day.
-0.4019 Yes but only if you lose that bra.
-0.3182 Any naughty lifeguards able to do a strip tease in your red suit?
-0.296 Your poor teachers ;)