/u/DIETZeeeee is kind of a dick.

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0.8097 if you really love someone you don't fuck someone else.
0.7935 strongest recoil spring helped its still a snappy little pistol just not as bad as it was with factory original.
0.7456 Wonder when H&K is going to make a semi auto pistol / carbine version of this that accepts 20, 30, and 40 round mags....
0.7432 I am happily married to someone who has never cheated on anyone ever.
0.7269 By the way your English is pretty good.
0.7178 Or when I needed a new part for my Ruger that I was more than willing to pay for they shipped it to me for free and were extremely helpful.
0.7034 If she really did love you she would have never broken up with you over such trivial bull shit like she is now.
0.7003 one in 7.62x39 looks like it would be fun.
0.6597 So tell us about your experience working in work zones as traffic control and what they should have done differently to promote safety.
0.6588 Awesome Sauce !
0.6486 oh and good luck with Glock customer service this is a known and well documented problem with the Glock 19 and 17 they replaced the ejectors on all new Gen 4 Glocks.

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-0.9453 So your pride is worth Felony Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Felony Attempted Murder charges.
-0.9253 Everyone has a right to defend themselves but should do everything in their power to prevent provoking violence and avoid conflict when possible.
-0.9231 I found someone who met my standards who was tired of the same bullshit I was tired of, got married, 4 years later no regrets.
-0.8773 My mom sat in on a court case over a decade ago about 2 guys who robbed an elderly woman and she only had $2 on her, they were pissed so they raped her....
-0.8771 I have tried to make a relationship work in the past with someone who cheated on me and it turned me into a very angry spiteful person.
-0.8769 Always blows my mind when someone has a career many people would kill to have and they just throw it away over something so stupid.
-0.824 You do know in many jurisdictions revenge porn is a FELONY.
-0.8192 I did and they wanted ME TO PAY TO SHIP THEM THE GUN and to PAY TO SHIP IT BACK or have ME PAY AN ARMORER.
-0.807 A divorce can get very messy and if you do not know what you are doing you can loose everything you own and have your life destroyed.
-0.8016 It put a very bad taste in my mouth since I had Canik TP9 problems and Century Arms of all places took care of my problems immediately and on their dime no questions asked.
-0.7992 They needed a flagger at the top of the hill and on the other side of the work zone plus their road work, one lane road ahead, and flagger signs, but no "We have a job to do and fuck safety."
-0.7906 I can tell you that once a cheater almost always a cheater.