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0.9505 I would say this a very great game overall the characters in this game have great personalities and really make you care for them throughout the game, also the story is very strong in this one.
0.9472 Of course this game had its flaws especially with linearity but it didn't bother me too much, mainly because FFX is my favorite of all time and that was linear as well but had a bit more freedom.
0.9449 I would also agree but hey man a hobby is a hobby, as long as you keep that area clean I don't see the problem haha nice collection!
0.9447 That's really awesome dude I love FFX and I'm glad you enjoyed the wallpaper
0.93 Even though Final Fantasy VII is arguably the best in the series, other titles like IX and X get good recognition and appreciation because those titles were very good in most regards.
0.9262 I really wish I was good at drawing Fran is a very interesting character, great work.
0.9225 Tifa is one my favorite characters and her theme is so amazing, you did a really great job on this cosplay.
0.9217 Yes, yes he is thank you I'm glad you enjoyed this wallpaper.
0.92 Thank you I would really appreciate if someone else could help me improve :)
0.9192 I honestly love so many things about Final Fantasy 13 especially this opening movie, the music as well that goes along is just so good.
0.9152 I completely agree with this post I also think FFX had a great opening movie and The Sending of Yuna was amazing as well.

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-0.7425 Damn that so sick and I'm over here with only the strategy guide..
-0.7351 There are a ton of guides on YouTube on how to kill the tough mini-bosses in the Archlyte Steppe, they will give you the run down on Paradigm setups and general tactics.
-0.7109 I may be a little bit biased but growing up I saw my brothers and cousins beating all of the Final Fantasy games but I never got to play them myself.
-0.636 No problem dude!
-0.631 I'm fairly new to the program and there aren't many tutorials online, I don't think there is but at the same time I could be wrong.
-0.5943 I have no where else to share it with anyone if I don't do it here and it's not fair that they're limiting me to one post per week, that's a bit harsh.
-0.4927 Damn that's hilarious I got so scared the first time it starts chasing you in Dollet.
-0.4767 I don't think its necessarily terrible its just the build up kinda takes a while..
-0.4522 I would say try not to skip out on fights there were a couple of bosses late game that really gave me trouble, save bahamuts overdrive for tough bosses.
-0.4449 I'm not sure for triple monitor but you can set a specific background for each monitor for sure.
-0.4215 Towards the end of the game and grinding the dragon on the mountain I regret not saving all of the time..
-0.4173 The boss themes in this game are so beast especially when fighting Ifrit - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMLl98A0v8k.