/u/Cunnilingus90 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9036 Please, feel free to show more ;) Great start
0.8858 Wow, that's a pretty high compliment!
0.8777 This is awesome, thanks for sharing!
0.8622 Awesome gifs, would love to hear the audio though!
0.8516 Amazing post, would love to see more from you in work!
0.8316 Glad you liked them :)
0.7901 Hope it's a successful one for you!
0.7884 This is so hot, I'd love to have her squirt in my face like that.
0.7871 I'm not a woman but this is a great post!
0.7717 What a beautiful body, nice curves.
0.7424 Thank you for brightening my Monday!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.558 The ridiculous music soundtracks are annoying if not distracting!
-0.5574 Please ignore the disgusting body shaming guys.
-0.4753 You broke the scale!
-0.4588 I'm jealous
-0.4574 Damn, I think we need to see how you got out!
-0.1786 I'll think about it, not as easy to do in work but would turn me on so much
-0.1531 Incredible moans.
-0.1045 Really hope this doesn't fall under the UK porn ban
0.0 Fucking ouch.
0.0 Incredible video!
0.0 Incredible album!
0.0 /r/gonemild