/u/Cunnilingus90 is very positive!

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0.9036 Please, feel free to show more ;) Great start
0.8858 Wow, that's a pretty high compliment!
0.8777 This is awesome, thanks for sharing!
0.8516 Amazing post, would love to see more from you in work!
0.8316 Glad you liked them :)
0.7901 Hope it's a successful one for you!
0.7884 This is so hot, I'd love to have her squirt in my face like that.
0.7871 I'm not a woman but this is a great post!
0.7717 What a beautiful body, nice curves.
0.7424 Thank you for brightening my Monday!
0.7346 Hope you post more :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.558 The ridiculous music soundtracks are annoying if not distracting!
-0.5574 Please ignore the disgusting body shaming guys.
-0.4753 You broke the scale!
-0.4588 I'm jealous
-0.4574 Damn, I think we need to see how you got out!
-0.1786 I'll think about it, not as easy to do in work but would turn me on so much
-0.1531 Incredible moans.
-0.1045 Really hope this doesn't fall under the UK porn ban
0.0 Fucking ouch.
0.0 Incredible video!
0.0 Incredible album!
0.0 /r/gonemild