/u/CrazyHorseInvincible is kind of a dick.

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0.9403 I'd like to personally thank the visitor who reported this for "misogyny", because I love a good laugh.
0.802 concise, to the point, with a clear thesis and good support.
0.6705 And then it would be gone fast from there, too, because we'd be pretty sure it was the Indian Race Troll again.
0.6552 but it's not SO awful that we have to shut all white people up, forever, about racial issues by policing what they say to the point where they're afraid to say anything.
0.6369 * Instead, they demonstrated *to you* how easily you can be distracted from the topic at hand by something that engages your emotions.
0.6249 Even when you waited ten whole hours after discovering the community to benefit us with your critical wisdom.
0.5719 I stickied this for its excellent analysis of the societal forces at work.
0.5267 Those would be my parting words of wisdom.
0.5267 Maybe you would be happier on another subreddit.
0.5106 that way you won't talk with such confidence about things you know nothing about.
0.4939 Frame control is what we care about here.

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-0.9128 * /u/dr_warlock calling them "fucking faggots" is a shit test, which you failed.
-0.8969 * /u/HumanSockPuppet calling you a "fucking retard" is a shit test, which you failed.
-0.8509 That kind of nasty, spiteful behavior is precisely the kind of thing that is not welcome here:
-0.8334 You know, I am so sick of this shit.
-0.796 But evidently you really are kind of dumb, so I'll spell it the fuck out for you.
-0.7845 I finally got sick of his shit and gave him a long-ass tempban.
-0.7783 *The only reason GLO makes your blood boil is that his very presence and persona plays upon your inner weakness and fear.* You need to work on removing that weakness and fear, not on removing GLO.
-0.765 People who are choked with a blood choke don't thrash, they go limp.
-0.7351 * Repeated blood chokes may damage the constricted arteries over time.
-0.7159 Yeah, there's some fucking awful shit that some white people say and think about us...
-0.6908 No one gives a fuck, including women.
-0.6908 No one actually gives a fuck what you think about this subreddit.