/u/Couplesharexxx is very positive!

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0.923 A bit late here, but I wanted to say your body is amazing and your pentagram tat is fucking awesome.
0.9149 They're great, so I'm glad you let them out.to play :)
0.8977 Wow, great wax job and fantastic tits!
0.8625 Thanks :) She loves that
0.8495 Love the sly little smirk, so sexy.
0.8481 That looks amazing you, but I'd love to see you without it.
0.8478 Wow, those look great!
0.8478 Wow, you look great!
0.8439 Love your tits and cute smile!
0.8402 Great body, nice tits, and a cute little pussy.
0.836 Wow, she looks great riding.

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-0.6597 We also fucked on the deck of a beach house.
-0.5423 How about on her ass?
-0.4215 I would love to watch my wife fuck another woman, or to eaten out while I fuck the other woman.
-0.296 Anyway, her tat and legs are sexy as hell.
-0.1477 Very hot teasing pics.
-0.0516 Damn, looks like it.
0.0 That's insanely fucking hot.
0.0 You absolutely belong.
0.0 What a coincidence.
0.0 Subbed to your sub.
0.0 Actually just a few weeks ago.
0.0 Wife and I have done anal plenty of times, but always doggy style or standing.