/u/Cosmic_Bard is a total dick!

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0.8201 I'm not saying don't do it, but if you do it, you better own it and put the tofu sticker on and blast eurobeat from it nonstop lol
0.7964 I mean you say that, but that sounds like a good idea in itself
0.7717 Wow, good one
0.7227 Simple but delicious.
0.6124 Not one of the greatest games. Not even close to one of the best pinball games. Take off your fucking nostalgiagoggles you circlejerking faggot
0.4926 Somali pirates are thrilled at this new news!
0.4404 It's only the first rule in the guidelines Thanks for highlighting this though, it needs to be said. There's an /r/gonemildtrans for a reason.
0.4215 How it is sexism if it's true?
0.3612 I'm trying to explain that you're replying to a dude saying he feels like a weeb for wanting it and you're coming at him with "Well, it was in NFS".
0.3612 *Really* need to tone down the photoshop smoothing filter, it looks like somebody smeared vaseline all over your face
0.3612 It's only like the fiftieth time this has been posted

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-0.8909 You know that dumb whore doesn't celebrate kwanzaa
-0.8675 They're the last people I wanna call when shit goes down. Handle your shit because they are not anybody's friends.
-0.8161 Are you fucking kidding me? Coming from a huge fucking karmawhore like yourself? Who hasn't made a comment in over a month and constantly spams bullshit? Go fuck yourself, you karmawhoring faggot
-0.8151 What happened to this fucking sub? It's all low hanging fruit, shit like 'hei gaiz look how offensive I am" rather than a place for shit that is already funny but just happens to be offensive.
-0.7717 Fuck you, cunt.
-0.765 Oh also, there's no 'submit a link' button for this sub, that's fucked up
-0.7543 This sub has enough reposts, stop flooding peoples' feeds with this shit
-0.7527 nigga I don't care what sub this is, I saw the post and commented idgaf about this whole "you can have your post in all if it scores high enough" recent bullshit from corporate reddit
-0.6808 That's a hell of a deflection over a username Is it that much work to rid yourself of it?
-0.6597 You've never contributed anything to reddit with any of your commentary, you reposting, karmawhoring faggot
-0.6597 You're a reposting, karmawhoring faggot who never comments
-0.6597 You're a theiving, reposting, karmawhoring faggot