/u/Cosmic_Bard is kind of a dick.

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0.7906 I mean, I feel this guy a bit. The hatememe is pretty strong and I roll my eyes every time I see it. Yes the game has issues, no it's not irredeemable. It's really fucking tiring.
0.788 More like heavily, super photoshopped
0.7408 Does it hurt to be this autistic or is it more like a gentle, overwhelming bliss?
0.7184 Wow, great ancient common repost from a reposting, karmawhoring faggot with a leetspeak username like it's 1998
0.6696 And I love stand-up!
0.6623 Don't shit on the mayor like this
0.5994 Yeah, that totally deposed Daigo as champion, nerfing Ryu-oh wait, no it didn't.
0.5362 It's always been good enough for me but now I'm kinda curious.
0.5267 Justice is subjective
0.4404 And some characters have better combos than Ryu?

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-0.8658 Now solve your 'I never comment on reddit and dump clickbait bullshit reposts on everybody constantly' crisis
-0.8645 The hell kind of question is this? The very fact that pussypassdenied even exists as a concept precludes the concept of a male one Are you retarded?
-0.8442 Stop the ancient common reposts of facebook videos, you dumb shit
-0.802 No, stop reposting and flooding the feeds of millions of people with your constantly reposted bullshit
-0.7845 It's a war crime to shoot a medic but you can take pot shots at a paramedic and it's like any other crime?
-0.7579 uncensor this you dumb cunt
-0.735 This guy won't be happy until every move in the game goes half screen and does the exact same damage and stun.
-0.7149 Bough? What the hell is a 'druggie'?
-0.6808 I took enough LSA to knock over a bear last month and I don't know what the hell he's talking about still
-0.6597 You're funny as shit, it'd be cool to smoke a bowl with you and shoot the shit
-0.6597 Ancient common repost, get fucked karmawhore
-0.6597 /r/treesgonemild is the sub that you wanted Also you're a dude. We can see your post history, you karmawhoring faggot