/u/Coopergear is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9162 While they are all SUPER SEXY, 3,4,5 and 6 are my favorites!
0.8977 Hang in there, a real great guy would be lucky to have such a wonderful woman!
0.8786 I love the Black and White with the splash of color and the subject matter of course is AMAZING!
0.8738 WOW, that is SEXY!
0.8591 As far as care goes it is easy, clean it once in a while with a leather cleaner.
0.8564 I would LOVE to lend you a hand!
0.8478 Wow, great picture!
0.8356 You have amazing eyes, and the rest is just as amazing!
0.8221 That is Super Sexy!
0.8172 Wow, you are one sexy woman!
0.7901 Wow, every new shot you take is better than the last ones!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5423 How about one of your ass bent over in that corset?
-0.4753 Women with large breasts and tight sweaters are my weakness!
-0.4404 Can I suck on them for a few hours?
-0.3612 Oh, is there a messy room in that picture?
-0.3595 You make a sunburn sexy as hell!
-0.3404 Fishing or not, I like what I see!
-0.3164 You don't have to be alone!
-0.308 Ain't this the truth!
-0.296 On my IKEA sofa it is dyed through so if it did get scratched it would show black and no other color.
-0.296 I would avoid any sofas with asymmetrical cushions or ones that are sewn to the frame.
-0.2481 To hell with GW, you can stay here, you are beautiful!
-0.2263 Forget keyboard drawers, they only take up leg room under the desk surface.