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0.9445 I'm no mapper, but I really liked it, got some "Lets Jump" vibes from it which is definitely a good thing :P
0.9209 Cursetyl in game, I'm trash compared to you but I'd be happy to play multi :)
0.9153 Added to the guide, even if their challenging when I was a new player I loved having hard maps I could aspire to do lol, thanks :)
0.9042 The freedom for people to shitpost is great, it keeps this sub breathing, and if quality content is posted it normally gets a good amount of attention so it balances out.
0.8986 Hopefully one day Fiber will expand past just the US so that you dudes can get some good Internet :D
0.8976 You'll start getting more comfortable, your fingers will be more confident in where they press, and before you know it you'll be playing 2 star maps :)
0.8878 Glad I learned it though, having good movement makes the game infinitely more fun casually.
0.8842 Wow, the more you know I guess LOL, added :)
0.8824 You got the hard knock life out there my dude, I sincerely hope you get that fixed one day so you can play properly :)
0.8788 I have it on Sweet Dreams platter with DT consistently, I'll try and get video to see if it's the same one you have when I get home, just to make sure that it's the same as yours :P
0.8779 I'm sure you can do it :) As for the improvement curve in general, I found it easier than standard.

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-0.6997 Because I've had specific maps with lowered FPS before but I'm not sure if it's the same type of lag.
-0.6908 It reminds of those shitty rage comic meme faces from like 2010
-0.6428 Sometimes you feel like a God when you flawlessly pull off a star, but then the next star you just make one tiny mistake that loses like 10 seconds and it feels terrible.
-0.6369 It doesn't do it just when enemies or large amounts of characters are on screen either, even when I'm the only person in spawn and I look at the ground it'll stutter.
-0.6254 He's not hard, he just has so much health that it always makes me impatient, leading to unnecessary damage.
-0.6249 [Got to 5000 PP in the worst way possible feelsbad/goodman]
-0.6249 New Bern, the problem was moreso Suddenlink than the area tbh, but it was still difficult.
-0.5859 Just asking because my top play used to be a choke, and the choke is what shows up on the site.
-0.5719 Like that shit where everyone got upset that Melee wasn't on Sunday at Evo.
-0.5423 [How to cheese the fuck out of Mania PP, an in depth tutorial]
-0.5423 I think back in the day you were allowed to make a new account, and they just renamed the original to "Blank_old" but I could be wrong
-0.4939 Grief and Malice by Fullerene-