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0.9445 I'm no mapper, but I really liked it, got some "Lets Jump" vibes from it which is definitely a good thing :P
0.9209 Cursetyl in game, I'm trash compared to you but I'd be happy to play multi :)
0.9153 Added to the guide, even if their challenging when I was a new player I loved having hard maps I could aspire to do lol, thanks :)
0.913 As someone who isn't the biggest fan of the other anime characters but loves One Piece, thank you <3
0.9042 The freedom for people to shitpost is great, it keeps this sub breathing, and if quality content is posted it normally gets a good amount of attention so it balances out.
0.8986 Hopefully one day Fiber will expand past just the US so that you dudes can get some good Internet :D
0.8976 You'll start getting more comfortable, your fingers will be more confident in where they press, and before you know it you'll be playing 2 star maps :)
0.8934 I love that is uses the Dons and Kais as part of the outfit, one of the best designs for sure.
0.8842 Wow, the more you know I guess LOL, added :)
0.8824 You got the hard knock life out there my dude, I sincerely hope you get that fixed one day so you can play properly :)
0.8779 I'm sure you can do it :) As for the improvement curve in general, I found it easier than standard.

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-0.6705 If your trouble lies with you not being able to process what notes to press fast enough, try slowing down your scroll speed so you have ample time to take in what you need to do.
-0.6369 It doesn't do it just when enemies or large amounts of characters are on screen either, even when I'm the only person in spawn and I look at the ground it'll stutter.
-0.6254 He's not hard, he just has so much health that it always makes me impatient, leading to unnecessary damage.
-0.6249 [Got to 5000 PP in the worst way possible feelsbad/goodman]
-0.6249 New Bern, the problem was moreso Suddenlink than the area tbh, but it was still difficult.
-0.5719 Try lowering your scroll speed a little bit, I had the headache problem with Taiko and it was because the notes were moving so fast.
-0.5423 I think back in the day you were allowed to make a new account, and they just renamed the original to "Blank_old" but I could be wrong
-0.4939 Grief and Malice by Fullerene-
-0.4767 Thought it was Hollow Wings version, nearly had a heart attack
-0.4767 Was I wrong and it's that Rainbow's add to score?
-0.4215 Sadly it isn't that, I only have one background.
-0.4201 It freezes every couple seconds, making most combat encounters unplayable.