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0.929 I wish I was 10th dan LOL, thanks for the explanation though, sounds more well balanced which is pretty hype.
0.8986 Hopefully one day Fiber will expand past just the US so that you dudes can get some good Internet :D
0.8878 Glad I learned it though, having good movement makes the game infinitely more fun casually.
0.8824 You got the hard knock life out there my dude, I sincerely hope you get that fixed one day so you can play properly :)
0.8807 Also yeah you should totally get back in, the current arc is amazing, and if thats the last thing you remember you probably didn't even make it to the best arc in the series.
0.8788 I have it on Sweet Dreams platter with DT consistently, I'll try and get video to see if it's the same one you have when I get home, just to make sure that it's the same as yours :P
0.8536 Hopefully one day they'll be more accepted, but until then i'll just play both I guess lol
0.8126 There are some people far smarter and more experienced then I am over on the [help subform] that can hopefully help you more than I could.
0.8074 Wow, someone else who likes competitive Melee on this sub, what a world.
0.7925 Welcome back man :D
0.7269 Please remove constant hp drain okay thanks

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-0.8227 Holy shit man, I'm so sorry, thats awful.
-0.7717 Still mad I missed getting 10k on the dot smh
-0.7607 Rap is my favorite too lol, its a shame theres not more of it, I even tried mapping it myself at one point but its a really difficult genre to represent through the game sadly.
-0.6997 Because I've had specific maps with lowered FPS before but I'm not sure if it's the same type of lag.
-0.6908 It reminds of those shitty rage comic meme faces from like 2010
-0.6428 Sometimes you feel like a God when you flawlessly pull off a star, but then the next star you just make one tiny mistake that loses like 10 seconds and it feels terrible.
-0.6369 It doesn't do it just when enemies or large amounts of characters are on screen either, even when I'm the only person in spawn and I look at the ground it'll stutter.
-0.6254 He's not hard, he just has so much health that it always makes me impatient, leading to unnecessary damage.
-0.6249 [Got to 5000 PP in the worst way possible feelsbad/goodman]
-0.6249 New Bern, the problem was moreso Suddenlink than the area tbh, but it was still difficult.
-0.5859 Just asking because my top play used to be a choke, and the choke is what shows up on the site.
-0.5719 Like that shit where everyone got upset that Melee wasn't on Sunday at Evo.