/u/Cityplaytime is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8934 You are definitely beautiful and fuckable--they made a great choice.
0.8718 Great body + really cute and coy smile.
0.8479 Super fucking gorgeous
0.836 Oh you bet :) thank you on behalf of humanity for the sexy pics.
0.8316 But I love the sophisticated doll you've been showing us lately.
0.8297 Very brave with a lovely result
0.7906 Adorable wow
0.7836 Totally cute, hot, and talented!
0.7777 Congrats on the compliment!
0.7562 Nice nice niiiiiiiice!!!
0.7419 Next time pls pls pls more lovely face shots...don't be a stranger!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7381 Women are generally more understanding anyway, and I think in that business they've seen it all, so no worries!
-0.6124 Saddest thing ever...or brimming with potential...
-0.5574 and shockingly bloody.
-0.5423 But mostly because it's just hot as fuck.
-0.5106 I now tweeze and epilate regularly with decent results and minimal pain.
-0.4019 Never had a problem.
-0.3182 You're two versions of the same trap?
-0.2422 OK, just came hard to your ass and toe shots.
-0.2144 Damn close man, but most dudes do it differently with short hair.
-0.0772 DSW is hit or miss, but sometimes...
-0.0572 "Gentle" is not what I want with you.