/u/CityofTreez is a total dick!

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0.8478 Trying my luck! Good luck everybody.
0.836 I'd recommend the French scout, if you want to play a passive scout - good camo rating & view range.
0.6369 Too comfortable playing with my circle-pad pro, it's weird playing without it.
0.6369 Kurt was one of the best heels ever.
0.6249 He brought great insight to the booth last post season.
0.6249 Miz or Jericho - they have been great lately.
0.5859 To be fair it does look like dog food.
0.5574 The real hero.
0.4588 One of my all time favorite NPC's.
0.4199 Thanks for the hard work, dude!
0.4019 They did you a favor, OP.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8779 It's terrifying to think convicted murders and rapists are freely roaming around.
-0.872 That bitch got her ass whooped and still wanted to fight some more.
-0.8689 Those men will have to live with the guilt of brutally killing an innocent man If he's guilty, then job well done.
-0.8635 A's fans have become so jaded from losing, they only live to spite Giant's fans.
-0.8458 Too bad they didn't get the chance to interrogate & torture him.
-0.836 Cancer kills indiscriminately.
-0.8271 PTSD is some brutal shit.
-0.8268 Mother fuckers chewing with a mouth full of food, while simultaneously trying to carry on a conversation. Fuck everybody who does this!
-0.8225 Funny hearing him chastise other players for doing stupid shit.
-0.8172 The whole country had enough of criminal bullshit and went full vigilante mode - Paul Kersey style!
-0.7783 That's because everybody in NYC is a miserable piece of shit.
-0.7403 Not defenseless, but The Avengers are most vulnerable when they aren't unified.