/u/Chollerhobo is kind of a dick.

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0.802 I love your in-game username haha
0.7783 This was like 5 seconds after I spawned with the weapon. The guy was a good sport about since he didn't expect that to happen, we had a small laugh about it.
0.7269 The regular fries is also pretty good.
0.7184 :) Tried it today haha
0.5106 [I tried doing that with normal one, fun times.]
0.4939 I'm amazed by the how the rocket bounced the railgun projectile...
0.4019 I can feel your pain but I gotta say....this is hilarious. Ghost was probably like "Woah man you got one splatter, isn't that enough?"
0.3804 DAY. Also most importantly remember to never use the A/C or heat in the summer or winter. Normal series : Consecutive AR shot
0.3182 He's using the amped wall, anything that shoots through that pilot's ability is amped.
0.0 [You will never be safe...]
0.0 The NPC in Calpheon next to Ronatz sells it in his amity shop, I think his name is Grandus or something? Edit: [additional info]

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-0.8176 I'm surprised that the ghost didn't decide to some crazy massive 360 flip in the sky and kill you...
-0.7717 Couldn't you at least shoot the core when it's like 1 shot away from destruction to end their suffering before they capped that base?...
-0.7579 That name. Also holy shit did your teammate actually throw the ball for you to score? My teammates always keep the ball for themselves :(
-0.7432 Shit is not fun yo.
-0.7003 No man...asian without A's is called sin.
-0.6908 That kill feed though....
-0.6808 Oh it does that?... Damn :(
-0.6124 You lost your sniper." Damn you ghosts.
-0.5994 I just saw that one of the scorpions flying to his death in the first few seconds...damn...
-0.5809 70-15 Holy fucking shit...I feel bad for the other team...
-0.5719 I'm having those terrifying flashbacks of New Mombasa...