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0.9347 Seriously, you are very nice for doing this! Even if I don't get one, I would like you to know you are a great person :) Thanks
0.9254 It's truly a very nice website for all the information you've provided, and is very informative! Great work, I'll continue to use the website, and recommend it to anyone who needs it!
0.8615 Hey /u/ZIGGYBRO, Thanks for the kind words, I really do appreciate it!
0.85 Every hero has a purpose, and a "good hero" is not made by it's kit, but rather the player who plays him. Last game I was playing a Serath.
0.8439 It truly boosts speeds. Besides that, it looks fantastic!
0.8217 Thanks! It's a great build!
0.8172 Hey mate, I'm a Gideon/Serath main who would like to try out Sevarog. All of my decks make me feel slow, bulky, and damageless by the end of the game. Would you mind sharing your deck? Thanks!
0.807 Thanks for the great information!
0.7964 If anyone comes around to this, I'd love to donate the riverbuff.com domain name to someone who will do better with it. PM me
0.7897 Yeah, this is a very nice computer to play some top-notch games. Otherwise, do take a look at /r/buildapc!
0.7783 Sorry for previous post: I have rep, please accept my friend request

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-0.7269 Fuck man, just got a copy of Battlefield 1, and Halo 5.
-0.6597 Evil jesus.
-0.6249 I'm just saying. Worst case scenario, you need to reflash the router.
-0.5423 After further checking nearly all of the games on the account are versus bots. Not that that is bad.
-0.5423 Enemy team comp was **heavily weak**.
-0.3804 Or, if you are really desperate: 1.
-0.3595 No soldering needed. Other than that, check out /r/mechanicalkeyboards , or /r/mechmarket when looking to buy one!
-0.296 If you are going to be sticking with a i5-7500 , there is no need to go for a cooler. - If you can, I would suggest going for an SSD.
-0.296 May I suggest missing a few payments on the house? ....
-0.2321 NOPE, their Dekker would cage, and Iggy would burst. The kit does not determine a hero, the player who plays him/her does.
-0.1723 It's a very nice steal!
-0.126 I'm on my way, slowly climbing. I'd just like to suggest to everyone, the Paragon discord had phenomenal people!