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0.9416 Cool, that's the map I made :D Hope you like it, your city looks awesome
0.9049 Thanx :D Currently building on it too, I love to see all people arrive at the harbours and airports :)
0.836 Glad you found it good enough to show it to your wife :)
0.83 I have the same GPU, but the fps and simulation are so much better, I play with all settings maxed out now.
0.8268 Company of heroes 2 would be awesome!
0.8074 Yeah, it's pretty funny how the planes fly over that beach.
0.807 Steam gift card would be awesome!
0.8016 The sound is nice, and the Intel network thingy is really great, I can watch 4k YT videos now.
0.7778 The bridge seemed like a cool idea to me, it's more interesting than a tunnel.
0.7717 What I would love to see is a filler building, like Axel.Kiebooms did with his Valencia thrme.
0.765 Looking back at it, it was a great experience and I will recommend it to everyone.

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-0.5574 thanx, fortunately we managed to get it out by destroying two gates.
-0.5574 Only thing I can complain about is a bit low fps due to my GTX 750.
-0.5106 The pc looks sick.
-0.4019 The problem is being able to transfer to any server, and again after that and again and again.......
-0.3865 It's not very easy to work with though.
-0.1779 I think the combination of the front facade color and the bricks on the side is a bit weird.
-0.1779 I would like to get Mad Max.
-0.0772 I'm sorry if this has been asked already.
-0.0083 Please correct me if I said anything that isn't true in this post
0.0 I noticed that almost all of my 8gb VRam was being used.
0.0 I have FPS issues too.
0.0 144 thanx for the giveaway, OP!