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0.9416 Cool, that's the map I made :D Hope you like it, your city looks awesome
0.9049 Thanx :D Currently building on it too, I love to see all people arrive at the harbours and airports :)
0.836 Glad you found it good enough to show it to your wife :)
0.8268 Company of heroes 2 would be awesome!
0.8074 Yeah, it's pretty funny how the planes fly over that beach.
0.807 Steam gift card would be awesome!
0.7778 The bridge seemed like a cool idea to me, it's more interesting than a tunnel.
0.7717 What I would love to see is a filler building, like Axel.Kiebooms did with his Valencia thrme.
0.7125 Oh, lol, I'll change that :P
0.6841 I actually got the idea of making a map like this from Tropico :P
0.6705 Glad you like it

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-0.5574 thanx, fortunately we managed to get it out by destroying two gates.
-0.5122 The main reason for the writing would be to stop people reinforcing walls that shouldn't be reinforced, like kids bedroom.
-0.5106 The pc looks sick.
-0.4019 The problem is being able to transfer to any server, and again after that and again and again.......
-0.3865 It's not very easy to work with though.
-0.3182 If it were just a red X it would still need explanation for people that don't know what that means, which defeats the purpose of this system
-0.296 From my experience you're always too late telling them to stop, even with voice chat.
-0.296 Even if they'd listen, you would still have to babysit some players to be in time to tell them to stop reinforcing.
-0.1779 I think the combination of the front facade color and the bricks on the side is a bit weird.
-0.1779 I would like to get Mad Max.
-0.0772 I'm sorry if this has been asked already.
-0.0083 Please correct me if I said anything that isn't true in this post